1. Yes. That’s true it’s always about money and the NWO. Now is about War and it won’t stop it will just get worse and worse l hope we don’t starve tell 2025.l think WW3 has already started like he said and it won’t be long now l hope there no stopping it .. Stupid evil people in this world Pray God will protect my Grandsons and kids. .. Thanks you Scott l will watch again lots of info ..

  2. The other element to the opposing financial models is a multi-polar World represented by Russia and the uni-Polar World represented by the League of Nations aka. the UN.

  3. The other system that needs to be deconstructed is the Strate stock exchange trading system. Shares traded under this system are a virtual representation of a transaction but no share certificate is actually passed to the purchaser of those shares. When the system crashes for whatever reason, the owner of shares under the Strate system has nothing tangible in their possession resembling a tradeable asset. Hm, little different to our current banking framework.

  4. but 99,99 % of all wars have always been about being in control, very few are due to aggression, or i will say all wars goes about mans ego when i mean man i mean the man figure, woman are not interested in to go to war with another country, USA and Britain France are the biggest culprits,if you go look in history i will say France Britain have been the aggressors mostly, even during 1400/15/1600/1700 those 2 countries had always been in a war or taken over a country, look in Africa–which country wasn’t under either France or British rule, Belgium-Congo was the worst case,
    since 1900 USA are the most guilty of starting wars or interfering in other countries
    and like today France–Macron who thinks he’s the worlds god,always making a big story about nothing,

  5. Who is making the most money out of the Russia/Ukraine War ? The Rothschilds and Rockerfellers. As Peter Hammond told us, during the first and second World Wars , the Rothschilds owned armaments factories in both UK and Germany. They made a fortune.


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