1. fiona marvellous story telling of the days of old north of the border .i found Botswana all a bit too stiff necked and were important .

  2. @ jaco hunter:

    Thank you so much for your compliments on my writing. I didn’t like urban Botswana, but LOVED living and working in the two luxury camps right in the heart of the Delta. It took just one person and a change of job description, to ruin it all for me. Strange though, that an elephant which had previously tried to kill me every time I chased him out of the camp at night, became such a tender, compassionate nurse and companion, when he sensed I was in trouble.

  3. It sounded like you would have had more success going to visit a local witchdoctor . I wonder what university that doctor studied at ? I had a Sri Lankan doctor here in NZ. He always prescribed anti-biotics for everything. Sadly he was also an alcoholic. He told me at one of my appointments with him, about a nasty encounter he had whilst on holiday in the UK. He was most upset because he said that the British had called him, and I quote, ” A BLOODY BLACK BASTARD “. I did not know what to say to him. He was very black with pink palms.


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