1. I love your stories my darling….you remind me of my great aunt Raie who was also a great story teller.

  2. Our parents sometimes did the weirdest things.
    Most of the time due to unresolved pain and trauma in their own hearts not dealt with appropriately.
    Sorry for your loss, Feetjie.🐻🧚‍♂️
    Rocket certainly gave you hours of pleasure🐎
    I was never in boarding school, but it didn’t seem like moonshine and roses.
    Always enjoying your wonderful stories.

  3. This is so special. It is as though I am looking at my own Teddy. About 5 years ago I donated him to the Stellenbosch Toy Museum. It used to be the mascot of Treverton Private School, Mooi River in 1950 – somewhere in 1952 when it closed for a few years (and reopened and still there today), but the secretary of Treverton then gave it as a gift to my father when I was born. So it had quite a history behind it too. Yours and mine could have been twins!

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