1. NZ is famous for its trout fishing. Trolling on the lakes and fly fishing on the rivers. The Rainbow trout get nice and fat on field mice. NZ is popular with Americans and Englishmen who come here to fish for Brown and Rainbow trout. I can just envisage you and Fred trying to blend in at the Boeremusiek Polisie dans. Blue Safari suits should have been all the rage. A couple of White elephants in the room !! Hope you ate plenty of oysters at Knysna. Our first washing machine in South Africa had a petrol 3.6HP Briggs and Stratton motor. You needed earmuffs on washday. Looking forward to the move to Scotland.

  2. Another lovely episode Fiona….I love oysters…not sure which is nicer…fresh water or sea water

    oysters….Knysna oyster farms have both. I remember the 1961 song Mother in law by Ernie K. Doe. Why they

    have to interfere in marriages?

  3. @ TonyNZ:
    3,6 HP ,wow thats a serious motor,remember the old fisher & paykel 4oo and 360 washing machines with the metal cases, their motors are only a quarter HP and they were noisy enough especially if the clutch bearing got worn, as the clutch was connected to the motor shaft.

  4. Thank you Fee,
    Had the same problems with “The Pill”, it was really devastating.
    So you’re love of fishing started very early on.
    Looking forward to the next chapter.

  5. @ Shane Pengelly:
    Hi Shane. My mistake, it was a 3.5 HP Briggs & Stratton petrol mower motor. It was as noisy as mowing your lawn . I remember my Mom having to pull start the thing. That was in the early 1970’s at Uitenhage on our farm.. Yes I remember the old Fisher &Paykel washing machines with the ringer. Terrible beasts. Thank goodness we have a F & P Smart Drive .


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