1. That was a rant worth listening to, from a very intelligent and interesting lady. No zulu word for empathy and compassion and these people dont have any either, according to Fiona who should know, that definately explains all the corruption and greed going on in SA.

  2. Fiona makes a very good point re whites protecting the police stations and im aware of white security firms donating ammunition to the police, What for ? Are they trying to earn brownie points, because as Fiona says when the unrest ends , a white person will only have to sneeze to end up in police custody.

  3. As I understood it the Boere Legion formed the nucleus of those community protection groups…At least that is what I thought…

  4. fiona good speech . look like they are going to have a war for zululand and burn every thing and loot. saps are clowns looting

  5. Maybe this is an attempt to ethnically cleanse Zulu territory in preparation for them to make a bid for independence…Who knows!🤔🤔🤔


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