1. Dearest Fiona

    I cannot tell you how relaxing it is, when I listen to your stories after a long day at work or just before bedtime, before I tuck myself in.
    It’s like having your own personal nanny singing me lullabies, lulling me to sleep. Loving every minute of it!
    Reading to us about goggas, candy, school, days gone by and all sorts of things.
    So special and much appreciated.
    Take care 🌹

  2. We lóve the recital of the Diary of Iris Vaughn! (not Born!!!) My wife picked up this gem in her childhood, from a 2nd bookshop; it has remained a source of delight to her and friends that borrow it. Keep it up White Zulu!

  3. Fiona reading was very good. tell us more naughty stories of your time in Switzerland as a teen.

  4. Hi Fiona. Thank you so much, I really enjoyed that, as usual. I also find it very relaxing and just love fo hear of the simple things in life that were so appreciated and enjoyed.

    Go well Fiona 😘

  5. And having checked the front cover again: it’s not even Vaughn but Vaughan!

  6. Hi Fi,

    I so loved you reading Iris Vaughn’s diary. I look forward to the next part which you have already done and I am going to listen to it right now when I finish my comment.

    Thank you so much it is so nice to escape from daily life for a little while.



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