1. Problem is how do we let people know. How do we share this video without getting into trouble. People are scared to speak out. Most of my friends and family and the people I work with do not want the vaccine. And my daughter in law is pregnant. She is due in about 2 weeks time. Has to go to a government hospital and is very scared they will force her to have the vaccine. Any advice?

  2. @ Suzette Botha:
    Just simply refer to the site not identifying the subject directly but for instance this one has a date, and say a picture of a pyramid may be nice to look at. …..

  3. The legal route to stop this covid nonsense has been walked before. Right from the beginning in Oktober 2019 there where critical voices that asked for scientific proof and legal justification of what was going on.To no avail. Just now the high court in Spain has called the restrictions and the way the authorities handled the scientific facts unconstitutional.
    Bravo,almost 2 years after the harm has done,covid is a factor,be it not as the virus,then as the vaccine,the economy is in shatters and ten thousands have died unnecessary,this verdict is the last kick dealt out to the dying dog….
    Lying dead in your grave with a piece of paper in your stiff fingers that reads “you where right all along” doesn`t do you any good now does it?
    The complications of the vaccine are an open end;no one knows what the vaccinated people have to go through in the future,their health forever a liability.
    The corrupt medical circus had their best payed and finest hour,the apparatchiks have satisfied their sociopatic desires of unconditional power and politicians have,for a nice fee,opened the gate for chancers and charlatans disguised as “well payed experts” and for corporate greed.
    All that is left for us to do is the body count,as after every war,and yes,this was/is a war,and we are the object,for times to come.
    The changes brought over us by this hoax can never be undone. The economical landscape has changed forever,the justified lack of trust in authorities,in our fellow citizens that propagated this lie,that pushed the syringe, will have consequences on a psychological level for the future.
    We have witnessed the death,not only of the victims of this hoax but of something way bigger: We have witnessed the death of God`s greatest gift to men kind. We have witnessed the death of :FREE WILL”.

  4. We only have One Life – don’t pay with it to have just your free will.
    Do not be fooled by anybody – free will is a gift by God and part of your life.
    Your freedom, on the other hand is controlled by nasy people – also don’t give up on that and fight for your rights.
    That is all we have here on earth.
    The Bible teaches that we are in this world but must not become part of it.
    Let that Holy Spirit of God be your guide and protection and not stupid men running around with a needle to inject their sin into you. Rather fight it.

  5. @ klaaswertmann:
    “The complications of the vaccine are an open end;no one knows what the vaccinated people have to go through in the future,their health forever a liability.”
    A tragic aspect of their future is also to maybe eventually realize what happened and if the ‘shedding of the spike protein is true, they will realize that they were complicit without intent (but due to negligence to do research) in the death of billions of unvaccinated people who did do research and found that God’s creation may be destroyed by willingly taking the carbon oxide laced fake vaccine. They wanted to do the ‘right’ thing and really messed things up and aided the luciferians despite being warned by God’s Word. Reading the Bible was part of the research they should have done and to know that God created us as his temple (a holy place) and some went along and allowed the mark of the beast to be placed in them that could change His dna creation and so they rejected HIM and His creation.(rev 13:18)The number of the beast…it happens that the number of the graphine (carbon) oxide resembles 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons in the periodic table , giving the number 666. Thus they placed the number of the beast in them and their death will probably be horrendous.

  6. @ sirme williams:
    Well, there you go sirme williams…when you take this experimental poison into your body containing this toxic 666 graphine oxide element, you are accepting a certain and disasterous outcome by submitting to the Antichrist, therefor facing eternal darkness and separation from God and His Kingdom of Light.
    The choice is simple. You have a free will! You determine your own fate. Say NO!!!
    Don’t be bulldozed into taking the jab. We are children of the Light, marked by God for the day of redemption.

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