1. This only one that is on camera.. There are many many more like her. They themselfs think that they are above the law or their version of law is all that counts. Many of these cops which also includes our Saps ( South African police service) members have the basic same mentallality. It gives me a feeling or a sense of believe that they are either racist or that they belong to a particular political party (or both) and yet they are not permitted to say it out loud but yet use that in a different form against us and anyone who is not in their group.. So, if you are not black, or an eff member or a Anc member or even a so called Zuma supporter then you will face these type of things and most probably even worse. I am not the only one in South Africa that has lost all faith in our military, metro police as well as the Saps.. Not even to mention our government nor our justice dept..

  2. like in America stupidity and arrogance seem to walk hand in hand. this happens when these types are given power with no accountability they don’t seem to be able to do their work without this. have to run over white people it’s the only way they feel equal?(my opinion)

  3. This is an old video. I had a few good laughs. This metro cop overlooked one conspicuous traffic violation: The large crack in the windscreen which obstruct the driver’s view. The driver was lucky on this occasion. Lol!

  4. believe me, it is all over the world,, even in Germany the police are very arrogant, they have a big attitude but at least when you phone them they are there very fast and in numbers,

  5. What unprofessional behaviour. If one understands that the mean IQ of the Sub-Saharan Genetic Cluster is 69 then this kind of behaviour is to be expected.

  6. She’s trying to be clever, I’m surprised that she can even write? Couldn’t spell the Street name either. What Would she have done if he just drove away? ☺️ I wonder.

  7. One arrogant official, with I’m sure an equally false and arrogant claim.
    No dignity! No compassion whatsoever!
    Just self inflated pridefullness!
    Pushing her chest out like a hairy peacock!
    She thinks that she can force down respect. Respect is earned Suzie!
    She made herself famous for lacking professionalism, having an air of scornful, conceited arrogance around her and intimidating the citizens of South Africa.
    It’s easy to be a cop there…just be utterly corruot and you’re hired.


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