1. There is also a truck stop at the Tugela Plaza where trucks can overnight and get diesel etc. There should be a manned police guard-house at all the toll gates all over the country.
    The toll fees are high for the trucks and they can at least protect the trucks and even employ armed private security companies to patrol the highways. No rubber bullets. The time to play and fool around with dummy and rubber bullets is over. The Mad Max movies example should be followed.
    Just my little rant.

  2. It is slowly evolving into complete chaos over there where no person or group is safe…I was watching another channel where they were talking about India being concerned now about SA Indian community being targeted by black Africans. They have been driving by their houses at night and shooting inside them with no concern for who is inside.

    This is moving from shopping centers and commercial areas to the

    I have to assume eventually it will begin in white suburbs as well…😥😥😥


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