1. Ann Cornelissen does not want to log out, she wants to stay snd listen to the message

  2. You people nake it so damned difficult to even get on this site ….why???

  3. Minorities might have to go to ‘crisis’ weapons…petrol bombs and the like.

    Unfortunately you cannot control crisis weapons as well as ordinary ones ie., cannot shoot someone in the leg with a petrol bomb so more deaths come thru this scenario.

    People still have cars, trucks, school buses maybe even rustle up some tractors to block roads and at least slow them down…

    I will have these people in my thoughts over the weekend, hoping for the best…😥😥😥

  4. @ Ann Cornelissen:

    It is not difficult at all. You may just be technically challenged.
    Please contact the webmaster @Rudi Geldenhuys :

  5. My opinion is they should open the gates and let them take Zuma. He then becomes a fugitive or can cross the border and become a political refugee; but it ends their excuses for rioting…

    If it continues then we see it is actually an attempt to overthrow the government and people can proceed accordingly.

  6. Mobeni is not a township, it is an industrial zone — although there are many people living there as well nowadays …

  7. If there are reports from numerous sources, then there is probably something in it. The theft of the weapons and ammunition makes it even more likely to be true. When the SAPS and army is on the scene, it always spells trouble. They’re messengers of the Cabal


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