1. Hi Scott, Something I don’t understand so many doctors in the US is talking about it. Why don’t they all get together and do
    something in unity. Does he not understand the PCR test is wrong.

    All they do is talk, talk!

    They should all get together and bombard the entire government. Another badge of honor for Biden.

  2. I have tried watching a few times and each time the sound goes mute???? would love to listen…..🤔 Anyone out there with the same issue?

  3. @ Colleen Marsh:
    I had the same problem a few weeks or so ago lasting for some days, watching alternative real news, and I simply went to another browser and I came back again two days ago and all is fine again. Whatever, whoever is blocking the sound probably thought they did very well and went elsewhere?

  4. The senate seems to be bought and ‘controlled’ because with all the info they get, nothing happens to control the real virus nwo puppets. They create a virtual feeling that something is done and ‘democracy’ works, but like the carrot of Trump returning to save America, it is all a lot of charades and the people are pacified and ‘waiting’ instead of simply walking into the senate building and taking over. In 6 months time they will cry in concentration camps when the 30000 guillotines are pumping blood like oilfield pumps.


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