1. nasty little criminals ripping good people off. in saudi the judge would have their hands removed

  2. yes i just knew its illegal when first video came up,hope thy get taken to the woods

  3. Is there any info on the state of all those Protection-order cases, that where initiated against all the residence on the farm, in retaliation to them(Polanocol Management) getting served with protection orders? There where some rather interesting bits of so-called “evidence” that got submitted by Mr. Rodney, Mr. Ferrari and Mr Viljoen.

  4. Another disappointing scheme in South Africa which reminds myself of the Eureka sour milk pyramid scheme from the 80’s. That said, my thoughts and grave concerns are with the investors, shareholders and those resident at Dalbarton Farm. Most of those that invested paid their hard earnings, their pension and life savings into the scheme and what has been returned is a complete disgrace. In addition, those that have been forced into silence and threatened with litigation is just plain despicable and is no way to treat investors. Here’s a little quote I received from a friend, I think it’s appropriate., “To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles.” End of quote by author T.F. Hodge. My hope is for those affected by all of this will find a solution and that their hopes and dreams come true.

  5. They are the scum of the earth. A disgrace to humanity! I am ever so sorry that I crossed their paths and saw so much distress on the faces of those that have already build their homes and how they were miss treated and all. So much more can be said about those two… I hope that Brian will start a fresh and build an honest community with good leadership.


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