1. Good on you protesters nothing will change without voices.😡😡😡👬

  2. A message from #WarriorGranny …. all that you need to do is randomly from time to time spontaneously stand, without a fcuking nappy on your face, outside of your front garden, on the sidewalk of the complex or flats where you live, at the stop street at the end of your road, at any traffic light, anywhere along busy main roads, anywhere that YOUR MESSAGE written with beeeg letters on YOUR large placard can SOW VISUAL SEEDS of thought of probable realisation of confirmation of something seen ‘not on lamestream media’ or in ‘support of the worldwide rallies’ by HOMO SAPIENS who are aware of the reaction to the effects of the #clotshot ….. take good photos, get others to take good photos which you then PUT AND SHARE ON all your social media platforms. Restricted off of fcukbook then register and join the group southafricansonmewecom to post whatever you like so #letsmewe AND all that you have to do is stand for a HALF HOUR which is how we the #warriorgrannyandanother have been SOWING SEEDS for over a year now. A half hour here and a half hour there. Never stand looking at the drivers or passersby to intimidate them. Do not yell and wave. Stand still. Dignity is a great part of HUMANITY …. merely be neutral in your approach. If they hoot to agree wave back. Our mission is to #leavethekidsalone #myright_miric_sa (info@miric.co.za) through the awareness thereof through the adults. It is simple. It is brave. It is kind. It is the most effective way. It costs nothing but love of humanity. P.S. always wear a red heart to show #righttochoice (thank you to Holland for starting this sharing)😍 Luvvies from #warriorgranny

  3. SHARE TRUTH that having the #clotshot means that participant is now …. trans human, a bio weapon, owned by USA patent law so the ‘patent holder’ can do with that participant what they wish, even organ harvesting (when one is live) which is the second biggest business in the world, no longer qualify to be a blood donor or receiver, all Insurances, Medical Plans, Funeral Policies fall away, have NO HUMAN RIGHTS …. no restrictions on http://www.mewe.com join the group southafricansonmewecom (which is linked back to this platform) …. follow MiRiC_SA – Posts | Facebook for your Rights to Informed Consent …. luvvies from#warriorgranny

  4. Hi Scott, Just a clarification, I was at the rally and the police did not target the old lady, they were after the guy behind her. I saw when they pulled him aside initially, not sure what he did and he just kept twisting out of their grip – he walked back into the crowd and the crowd closed in around them to stop the police from taking him, I presume the old lady ended up standing in front of the guy to stop the police from getting to him, so in essence he was “hiding” behind her. There is a lot more to this story, but I can give first hand witness that the old lady was NOT the target.

  5. I am truly saddened that this video has not been removed or even after all my attempts to contact Scott and provide the actual correct version of events, nothing has been done. This video is NOT true and only a small part is being used for sensationalism – the elderly lady was NOT being arrested – the man behind her was and he ran into the crowd, he was cowering behind her.

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