1. Yes, this is correct. Here in the states, some of the labs even have a disclaimer on their document when you test “positive”. It states that the result may be a false positive because the PCR test can pick up past Corona virus infections. So if you’ve had a cold or flu in the past, the genetic fragments that remain could trigger a false positive result. And this is what they based all of the lock-downs and other tyrannical shenanigans on.

  2. Also, check out this article that I found last year when this first broke out (from an unlikely source – AccuWeather). It’s quoting a corona virus expert, John Nicholls (a professor at the university of Hong Kong). He stated that “Compared to SARS and MERS, we are talking about a coronavirus that has a mortality rate of eight to 10 times less deadly to SARS to MERS,” Nicholls said. “So, a correct comparison is not SARS or MERS but a severe cold. Basically, this is a severe form of the cold.”


  3. The other half of the problem are all the silly sausages who bleat when the sorcerers say bleat.

  4. The report refered to, shows it as a CDC report but the FDA is directly connected to them. Please refer to a site explaining the conflict of interest of the reporting of the CDC and people making money from the scams. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/
    The FDA/CDC were caught to have a long history of unethical conduct but seems to stay afloat above the law. In the
    https://childrenshealthdefense.org/ articles they refer to many more other related articles.

  5. I think its high time for Bill Vaccine Gates to put his money where his mouth is , by getting jabbed and not with a fake saline solution or a retractable syringe but with the genuine so called vaxx, if its so safe then he should be happy to oblige.

  6. @ Shane Pengelly:
    He should happily take all 4 brands at the same time…they are safe they say. Gates did say though they don’t know if it is going to work. Probably true because they have not been tested on humans (as far as we know….what about homeless people that disappeared etc), only on animals and they all died very quickly. This was an experiment in checking how trusting sheeple can be to fall for a scam. If so many has fallen for it, then the future for Gates looks like heaven filled with gold, because then he can sell sheeple ANYTHING. He has probably sold a nice lie to the politicians already, promising them antidodes and protection and longevity. In his previous life he was probably a witch doctor throwing bones on a reed carpet and mesmerizing the onlookers.

  7. @ sirme williams:
    Exactly so, the vaccines are SAFE according to Bill the vaxxer Gates, the NZ Govt say they are safe as do the medical executives and Doctors ,church leaders and also community leaders say they are safe, which is why a whopping 15% of NZers have taken the vaxx,despite 7 months of availability and sustained propoganda.

  8. Yet why do they keep on with the lockdowns, the wearing of masks? It is just a way to see if they the New World Order can control the people.

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