1. Thank you, Scott for this very valuable information.
    I will act on it.

  2. Hi Scott thank you for the information. Where do we lodge that form to as we in South Africa do not have a federal gov as I know.

  3. We have a unique constitution, the one that upholds individual rights even better than the US. Surely those opposed to passports have a right to a hearing?

  4. This is what the passport is all about: Control!
    Your private live is scrutinized with a fine comb,and “Every thing you do or say can and will,at one point,be used against you” (The “Miranda address”)
    Guilty till proven otherwise,and the rules are made that tight that you are forced to step the line to lead an halfway normal life.
    Be it by buying illegal cigarettes or booze,being at the wrong place on the wrong time or talking to the wrong people on the internet or in real life.
    The right to “pursuit of happiness”,as guarantied in the US constitution is changed into “We decide what makes you happy”,and the right on free and unbiased information is changed in,like Ardern used to put it,: “We tell you what the truth is”.
    The grim and bleak reality of living under communist`rule as in Eastern Europe through the years of the cold war sends his regards.
    The pale horse is waiting for you….
    But then there is South Africa! Where there is,meanwhile,nothing left to control.
    Chaos CAN have its benefits….

  5. They are all commiting genocide against humanity. I cannot wait for the trials to take place. They are going against The Constitution, The International

    Covenant On Civil And Political Rights Treaty, The Nuremberg Code Of Informed Consent, The Declaration Of Helsinki, The Findings Of The International

    Criminal Court Of The Hague, The Right Of Informed Consent As Protected By National And International Law, The Universal Declaration On Bioethics And

    Human Rights Article 6, The Code Of Federal Regulations Title 21, The Geneva Convention IV 1949 Article 32.

    I hope all the Bastards are charged under these



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