1. Every time they release a new batch I wonder what new devilish ingredient they are adding

  2. The vaccine gives you AIDS. I don’t know why people believe in something that does not exist, only to get themselves injected with AIDS.

  3. A friend, admittedly an older guy in his mid seventies is riddled with cancer just 3 or 4 months after taking the second jab, i did warn him but he took no notice whatsoever, another friend much younger has lost a lot of weight since his second jab , i told him not to go near the jab but he decided to follow his pastors lead in getting vaxxed and ignore my advice and the advice of Doctors via a couple of bitchute videos that i turned on for his benefit. I showed him the videos in which highly qualified Drs totally destroyed the credibility of the so called covid vaccine and yet this friend turns to me and says hes gonna get jabbed despite these Drs warnings, now thats what i call wilful ignorance.

  4. @ Shane Pengelly:

    Unfortunately Shane it is the old story, you can take a horse to the water but you can’t make it drink. People are so totally brainwashed that they cannot

    think logically and have a mental block about listening to reason and to see the truth which is right in front of their eyes. Shane all you can do is show them

    the truth as to what is happening and then it is their choice. I know it is hard but you have done your duty. I have had so many similar experiences. Be

    strong my friend. Take care


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