1. It’s crazy times and now we being threatened with a harder lock down🙄.. Lockdowns do not work but I guess when you spinning for vaccine roll out to be successful anything goes. It’s sad cause I’ve seen people begging for it (sic)

  2. What makes me wonder is the purpose of this scheme. Is it short term greed: I want your money? Is it a power game: I want to control you?
    Imagine the scheme is successful.
    The human population is divided into “us and them”. The masters toy around with the masses all day long.On the beach,off the beach.Today this,tomorrow that.They rip the fruits out of their hands and stiff themselves full,everyday. How much steaks can they eat,how much Broccoli`s can they devour in one day? If they have all our money,the earth`s resources,the land,the water,even the sky,what are they going to do with it? Playing happy go lucky every day,golf?
    They eat the children to stay forever young.
    (“Ohio governor signs bill requiring women to cremate or bury their aborted children”.Why? Because the trade in aborted fetusses or body parts of aborted children is BIG BUSINESS.It`s a billion $ industry.They sell the mishap of those stupid women out to the highest bidder.Which proves that most of the medical institutions and their personnel are NOT your friends.)
    The masters satisfy their every need,they divide and conquer,then divide and conquer again,in a world where moral is a momentary wimp,reduced to a game to beat perpetual boredom.
    Coincidence,chance and change are eliminated,the water of the free running river is now pumped around and around,for ever canalized between banks to high for a frog to escape in the 7 circles of hell.
    Is this the desired world our contemporary demi-gods envision and want to guide us to,these neo-Moses`?
    God created mankind,provided with a free spirit and mind as his tools to find its way in the world.
    But please,God, could`t you have put a limit on stupid?

  3. Why doesn’t this video play smoothly? It starts, then after a few words it stop and start again for just a few seconds. Really frustrating.

  4. SeaKing wrote:

    Why doesn’t this video play smoothly? It starts, then after a few words it stop and start again for just a few seconds. Really frustrating.


    I still have to FIX buffering issues, by loading videos from a very large Cloud Service which has monster servers accross the globe, as well as a CDN structure to make them serve faster, without buffering.

    These fixes are happening as I develop the website and functionalities more and more… so just hang in there for us.

    How do they say… Rome was’nt built in a day…


  5. Revalation 14 states that those with the mark of the beast is totaly lost and will be declined forever.

  6. Rudi Geldenhuys, Alias Webmaster: Thanks, Rudi, I understand although I am not really an IT. All I am certain of is that any new development in all fields will have its growing pains.

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