1. Two choices , comply and they’ll let you work and run your business ,but you might die or have health issues from the jabs or stay jab free and get sacked or be forced to stop trading. Personally i would sooner be homeless and broke than agree to getting jabbed with that syringe of nasty ingredients.

  2. Incredible sad to see how cops simply become robots of the NWO. Australia – where are you going ?

  3. I read in the Bible that in the end times a powerful demon pervades the entire Earth. All people have a connection to the spirit realm, some to our creator, some to the adversary who has realised its time to fight for survival is fast running out.

  4. It is the time and the season to destroy these nazi bastards. enough is enough. We have to rise up as the human race. All the nazi police implicated in this

    tyranny must be sentenced to death.

  5. I wonder if these three have gotten very much richer in the last year or so as the head of the Covid scam in New Zealand is alleged to have done? I presume we won’t find out until the next batch of Swiss bank account leaks comes out.

  6. Long before the courts put the Nazi filth in jail the people, the ordinary citizens like you and me will get to them.
    Those stupid cops live in the same neighborhoods as the people, their children go to the same schools as the ordinary peoples.
    I foresee a day when the police and politicians that are terrorizing the people literally running for their lives.

    Those heartless cops will go home one day to a burnt down house, then we will see how tough they are.

    The moral of the story: Do not F**k the people over and expect to live in peace. Look what happened to the Nazi collaborators during WW II. The same is going to happen to these bastards and everybody is going to be cheering.


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