1. I can see mass graves and many coffins for the vaccinated 5+ years from now, but it will be too late for them.

  2. Yes the medical people are feeding us lies as are those in the msm, but i now believe that they realise the info they are giving us is false, but are willing to maim and kill for the sake of money and their own comfort. Hippocratic oath ? that means nothing to these people, they only care about number one.

  3. Even if many medicos actually believe in this covid pandemic and vaxx rollout as this Dr Chris Hick must as hes been jabbed, why would anyone want to be his patient, a small amount of research on his part would reveal to him the danger of the jab ,but hes just too lazy and smug to bother doing this, which also means hes a rubbish Doctor.And they talk about liars on social media,Wow ,what about the msm lies that the public are subjected to day after day, wave after wave of lies and deception.

  4. I’m a Registered Nurse in USA for over 30 years and I am ashamed of how the medical profession is deteriorating. Now medical health is literally who pays the most.
    I was forced to resign for refusing the “Jab”. I worked for the government over 15 years. Now I am in court fighting for my retirement and medical care.
    I gave up my licenses because it is such a political issue, glad to retire since even before COVID medical care has plummeted and no longer resembles our oath.

  5. @LovinglifeTV: The fact of the matter is this Scott. It is our Governments all over the world that are actually passing on false information about this so called vaccine.
    What about the amount of people that have died from taking this vaccine?
    What about the people that have had very serious life threatening adverse reactions to this so called vaccine?
    By our Governments and MSM promoting this so called vaccine are putting our lives at risk.
    We all know that people have died from this vaccine and yet our governments and MSM keep a lid on it or keep silent about it.
    They are not prepared to listen to alternative medicines that are even better than this so called Vaccine.
    Why is it that big pharma get immunity if a person dies from this so called vaccine and you can not take them to court if you have a serious life threatening reaction to this vaccine?

  6. @ USA diver:
    I nearly died after taking prescripted medication, and let me tell how much help i recieved from any Doctor during this traumatic period, NONE.

  7. @ Jaguar:
    And they do every day. I sometimes wonder where some of them get their qualifications??????

  8. Dr Tros Bekker in South Africa is also against this jab. I salute the doctors that stand on the truth. Some, very few, South Africans, are against the jab. I am being ridiculed at work for not taking this experimental drug They can bring it on. I will stand my ground.

  9. @Usadiver. Well done to you! It takes a lot of courage to do what you did! It’s your livelihood after all. One of my daughters is now at that crossroads as she is a teacher but totally against taking the jab and will also be minus her livlihood. How cruel and evil are these jab pushers!😱😭

  10. i am so urging to share this in my community but if…. i will be hated and cut off from the day i would do it…i should actually share this…. and give a hoot if anybody hates me…. if i can save just one person..
    is any of you sharing this in your community even knowing you will be hated…? give me some input… thanx

  11. @ Shane Pengelly:
    I’m sorry our Healthcare has no morals. This is the main reason I left. I had the same doctor for 20 years and thought we were friends but after refused jab, I am invisible to him.
    Doctors no longer care about individuals but having large amounts of patients and if a few dies, oh,well another opportunity for new patients.

  12. Note: Problematic comments – they don’t say they were wrong……
    Problematic = Goes against our fake propaganda.
    Well done Dr Vosloo

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