1. Sometime in the future the families of those who have died from the vaccine will be hunting down the medical professionals who encouraged them to take the JAB.

  2. What drives that blue jacketed idiot…..does it not have a soul????????????

  3. Can’t people see that they are killing us. Thanks for showing this Scott

  4. The song by 4 non blondes sure does sum it all up….What’s going on…wake up people you are being exterminated

  5. so let’s see if he gets extra treatment just because he’s a famous tennis star,,,=========However, due to uncertainty over the conditions for unvaccinated stars at the Australian Open in 2022, it has been widely reported that Djokovic may not defend his title after the world number one voiced his concerns.

    Despite the rumours, Cahill believes Djokovic will be present in Melbourne next year, though insisted that the event would be a ‘major success’ regardless of his decision.

  6. Just imagine what will happen if you are a racing driver or a cyclist who took the jab and this will happen?

    By the way, that Qantas airplane went so fast on the one clip, I could swear

    I read on its side ” QANTAS QUARANTINE FLIGHT”

    (Don’t worry, It is just a joke…I see ghosts lately with all the madness about the jab…)

  7. it is like the Prof of Wits who said that on 4 December South Africa its going to enter the fourth wave– we are now already 11 Nov so he means in less than 3 weeks time SA is going to jump from just over 400 cases a day that to such high numbers that it will enter the fourth wave to enforce a lockdown back to level 3,,,, in Germany we have over 40 000 cases a day, then people wonder why people claim a conspiracy is being brought on us,


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