1. Looks like Christmas has arrived early for some. When I was in Primary School in South Africa, we were taught to “KEEP SA CLEAN “. That message was only meant for the whites it would appear.

  2. This is why the blacks in SA were not allowed to vote in the apartheid era and in the pre apartheid days. And who can blame the whites for their reluctance to entrust the blacks with any political power, i can’t blame them for accurately assessing these folk.

  3. the great bantu kingdom of azania logic .burn loot your town. they call it freedom .burning their own country out. compete criminal mental disorder .

  4. I have stopped commenting on these videos because my blood pressure can’t take it anymore.
    All I can say is that this was a very well recorded video – thanks for sharing it, Scott.

    Guys, this will teach us to be prepared and start prepping what we can.

    Scott, please have a live stream again about how and why it is so important to prep well in advance for days like this. Thank God the one still standing P+P here opened their doors today and the very long ques ( just to buy a loaf of bread – if available ) tells a very dark story to me.
    This is far from over.
    The people are unemployed and hungry and desperate. It is understandable.

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