1. I did not expect anything less where the combined IQ is less than zero….but damn there is one thing that are are really

    good at doing…and that is destroying everything they touch

  2. The Building Inspector was probably bribed with a dozen bottles of Ships Sherry. Eish !😂

  3. such a pity the video stops,would love to see what happened further,yes not one white person in picture,i agree with no IQ what else can one expect.

  4. LLTV should develop a stupidity rating for these useless eaters like the credit rating of Moody’s, S&P, and so on.
    Craig to magistrate: You have a brain less than a pot plant.
    Dr Peter Hammond about the post office: Less than useless.
    Jaguar: Combined IQ is less than zero.

  5. Belgian congo rerun 1960s in slow motion .not long now a dam will fall down. joburg is the most radio active city in the world from mining waste. the shack nation of crime get what they voted for. we packed and left the great azania republic of idiots.

  6. Na, it was just a “1D 10 T” or “One D, Ten T” error as we say in the computer world… 🙂 For those in the dark, it means IDIOT if you sting them together…

  7. @ Jaguar:
    Don’t be mean. The mean IQ of the Sub-Saharan Negroid Genetic Cluster is not zero. It is 69. This finding is published in numerous academic research papers. With a standard deviation of 15 this translates to the following staggering facts. 1) Over 50% of this group suffer mental disability (defined as an IQ under 70. 2) Over 75% of this group have an IQ under 83, which is the IQ below which one is only fit to do repetative manual labour under supervision. 3) Only 2.1% of this group has an IQ over 100. 4) Only 0.033% of this group have an IQ over 120 which is the required for success in higher education in the advanced scientific fields. The ratio of White People to Black People in SA with an IQ over 120 is 28 to 1 compared to the population ratio of about 1 to 15. The universities in SA are skewing admissions to try to represent the population demographics. The result of this policy is disasterous. De Klerk’s absurd fairytale of a prosperous, peaceful SA is not possible. What a shame the Globalists refuse to acknowledge these facts. If they did we would be able to investigate possible steps to alleviate this very real and tragic problem. Instead they blame White Racism for the poor performance of Blacks and stoke the fires of hatred.

  8. nkosi siek n lazy retard nation of azania. i just cant wait for the Hillbrow tower to fall down followed by the vaal dam


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