1. @ klaaswertmann:
    There is a possibility that the graphene oxide (secret hidden ingredient) has been present from the start IN MASKS and TEST SWABS TOGETHER with real malaria or other parasites as to create a pandemic. The GO imitated parasitic action and that is why ivermectin could protect a cell preventing the GO or parasite to enter the cells and so cured us. The 5G Wuhan had the frequencies turned up high to cause exactly the symptoms of their ‘covid’. Also look at oxygen that is caused to have spinning atoms making absorbtion of oxygen in the blood impossible at a mere 35GHZ. People were not treated for Malaria in annexed hospitals and would die with a bad immune system. Sanitizers contained substances to sabotage the immune system. Then the parasites were removed and GO alone did the pandemic job. The mRna could attach to the GO in the vaccines now and we are doomed with only a third of 7 billion needed to be jabbed and humans will do the rest. Our pets also have it now. It is called terraforming together with GMO and 5G killing plants and Fukushimas killing Plankton. Vaxxed Pilots die at high radiation altitudes but maybe fallen angel thin watery Negative blood types will survive??.

  2. Hi Scott. On Friday I a look so posted a video inconnection with the vaccine (which I saw on Facebook itself)? I’m now in FB jail for 3 days, ending at 14hrs today. Even though it has all been revealed, we still can’t have our opinion about it all. Pathetic.

  3. If covid, and the testings are fraudulent then governments cannot protect big pharma against lawsuits anymore. Governments are going to be liable as well.

  4. @ Edward Barlow:
    Governments can claim breach of contract by Pharma and all agreements can be void, but unfortunately for us governments were infiltrated and taken over by the nwo gang and that is then actually the nwo ruling us. They will avoid any legal action against themselves. They were probably part of the drafting of the contracts. In SA and Africa, it is very possible that the masses will rise against the nwo ideas to free themselves from the coming tyranny and perpetual lockdowns and inoculation and topups that will only make the Khazarians and Rothschild and Rockefellers richer.

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