1. burning their own future evil terrorists .mind set still somewhere back 8 thousand years ago. you do know they receive instructions from their dead ancestors as a total reality in life..basic mental illness in the real world. i bet mcbrides dogs are reading this overseas spies .

  2. Wow. I never get anything from U Tube that your coming on. It’s ok l can come here ..Yes l will pray for SA. That is bad

  3. Get used to it, this is what you will get when Satan rules. Come Lord Jesus bring in your Millennium kingdom.

  4. thats why i keep on saying i don’t feel anything for black people,,,its their own fault

  5. Mark Garnett wrote:

    @ Cin Coy:

    Youtube would never show these things.
    Lovinglifetv.com is the only truth telling platform, hence our unpopularity.

  6. Remember in 1993 how the ANC garnered international sympathy for their “feeling” of intimidation?

    Intimidation is the tactic they have ALWAYS used on their own people .

  7. Blind loyalty to Zuma by his followers. Doing what they do best. Destroying .Eish !!!

  8. One gets the feeling that there is a ‘contract’ between Ramaphosa and Zuma. What if this is a well worked out nwo plan where Zuma goes to jail as a trigger to activate the objectors and this leads to the start of a false flag civil war that will allow Martial law to be declared or the UN being introduced to control us. NWO funds are secretly flying around to pay for chaos. Zuma enjoys a few months in special circumstances surrounded by friendly prisoners (protection). With ML all laws are suspended and new rules are announced….
    All to receive mandatory vaccination to ‘protect mankind’ Zondo and the CONcourt is in on this and an unconstitutional judgement sealed the deal.
    A permanent lockdown is announced until further notice.
    After a few months Zuma is ‘released’ as a peace settlement and all prosecution and charges dropped as reward for the nwo coup in SA. (5G rollout and vaccination is behind global schedules and this is the quickest and easiest way to vaccinate all, even those in the rural areas.) (Gates and Ramaphosa did have a little talk in private last week)

  9. @ sirme williams:
    The nwo program is in full swing now globally and there is NO TURNING BACK. This is their one and only chance to pull off the global coup. They have many options up their sleeves as to have global lockdowns, like a climate change lockdown, or a cme attack (done by them) leading to internet chaos closing all electronic bank deals etc…….no food and to introduce global martial law.

  10. I think most of those arsonists have a burning desire . ( Oxymoron ? )

  11. SORRY, you all are wrong – Hippo and Zooma are not part of the NWO. I don’t even know what the NWO is up to, how on earth can these donkeys know better, even with all their money and “power”.
    No, they are part of a more vicious deeper onslaught against humanity – They are part of the DEVIL’s BRIGADE. They only listen to their Father, The Devil, the deceiver of all mankind. They have all the witch doctors and voodoo houses behind them. Greed and selfishness will destroy them soon.

    God is stil in control.

    Ephesians 6 v12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    Ephesians 6:13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

    Christians should stop being such jelly-backs and start standing up for the truth and what is right in God’s eyes. Fight the good fight until the end. Don’t loose faith and hope.

  12. Where is Dr Hendrick Verwoerd now tht SA really needs him. These destructive savages need to be controlled by a just but firm hand.

  13. Good morning Scott, it is Jacob Zumas Children who are responsible for feeding the flames of destruction in South Africa, and the masses adhear, because anything is a excuse for looting plundering and destruction.

  14. Hi everyone, this is not about Zuma being sentenced for state capture crimes committed and refusing jail time. ONCE AGAIN, TOO MANY PEOPLE FALL FOUL OF MSM AND GOVERNMENT MISINFORMATION.

    Zuma has EVERY RIGHT TO DEMAND that he NOT BE JUDGED by Zondo, as Zondo has allegedly accepted a multi-million Rand bribe to make CR17 disappear. Allegedly, the CR17 case has indeed disappeared.

    The current msm sensationalist bs is to hide this fact.

    The law must remain the law!!!!

    And Zuma is as entitled to be protected by law as anyone else.

    No, I DO NOT condone his actual crimes, not at all.

    I do however despise how his legitimate complaint is being used against not only him, BUT ALL OF US -IF CONCOURT HAS BERN CAPTURED.

    Please people, don’t be repeaters. Do the research.

  15. 1970s.camp quatro angola camp 13..all anc terrorists who failed in the Rhodesian bush war attacks against the RLI went to camp quatro .week later they were buried up to their neck and had a plastic bag put over their head. then pushed into shallow graves . zuma was the nat man and chief murderer of his own cadres at camp 13. his men feared him like satan him self . they called him the butcher. you see the average anc voter is too stupid to read 8hrs of old anc history in a whole life time. zuma and his fellow snakes rule south africa like a terrorist camp. i see in just a few short years 7 million s a Bantu LOOKING AND BEGGING for POLITICAL ASYLUM out side south africa .THEY ONLY LISTEN TO ORDERS FROM THEIR FATHER THE DEVIL. I BET OLD J B VORSTER IS LAUGHING IN HIS GRAVE .

  16. How can I share videos with you. I live in Amanzimtoti KwaZulu Natal and need everyone in the world to see what’s happening here.


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