1. Is the rioting and looting happening because a corrupt / scumbag politician has finally been rightly jailed and they believe he is above the law or are they using his incarceration as an excuse to get free stuff ? Actually i wish the people in white countries were doing this in response to the covid nonsense and the killer jabs being forced upon them ,rather than meekly submitting to slaughter.

  2. When I watched this video, I thought, the wild west has gone south.
    My heart is bleeding for South Africa, as I offer up heartfelt prayers, like insence, before the Throne of God, day and night, night and day.
    My beloved country! 💔😭🙏🕊

  3. i bet the late j b vorster is laughing in his grave now. loot burn starve the great failed state of mumpara azania. who are the liberal retards going to blame now the shop owners or the venda shoe shine boy

  4. Where are De Klerk, Wessels and Meyer? They had so much to say about the wonderful New South Africa. Now they are silent. Traitors serving the two Globalist Puppet Masters in Stellenbosch and Johannesburg. Speak to us you three cowards. When we warned you of where you were leading SA you brushed us off as ignorant fools. You were the self-named “Verligte Afrikaners”. We you called “Verkramp”. Now tell us who was really “Enlightened”.

  5. liberal retards have no answers now ..do remember the d a and how they propelled the anc terrorists in to power in s a 1993. go live at the township where you belong .

  6. @ Scientia Vera:
    de klerk himself admitted few years ago that he made a big mistake letting and take over


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