1. It does not surprise me….they also export (sell) our electricity across our borders while we suffer loadshedding. There is definitely a hidden agenda

  2. the s a state are just another terrorist net work. Create nothing, just steal and even rename what they steal with terrorist names. they were well funded by sweden and that scum Palme with billions in Swedish workers tax money for more than 35 years. south africa will descend very soon in to serious tribal political conflict we wait smiling in glee .

  3. but its said SA buys power from Mozambique again,,, remember a few weeks ago it was said there’s a problem in Zim also,, its a give and take thing Ive heard, but i think its more of a give than receive situation ,but yes we will never really know the full story,,its like Jan Lambrecht that explained that even during the apartheid years SA was doing business with other African countries in the dark but on the open they criticized SA,

  4. Some years ago someone photographed hundreds of Chinese and other ships outside our harbors waiting to load coal and that may be the reason the Moz harbor is used now. Follow the money….Who got the transport contract or who owns the trucks? The contracts must be worth billions and the cut of billions must be the motive. The trucks on our harbor roads would have attracted a lot of attention also giving the game away. The Eskom management was ordered by the nwo bosses to sabotage our economy and to make Eskom fail as to remove the energy creator from operations and will be replaced by other energy sources and the Climate Change scam would also prevent the use of the ‘dangerous’ CO2 causing coal, and will be banned and regulated. The Gates Schwab gang will buy up all land and mineral sources at a cheap price and after the reset they will open up the coal mines again and use the vaccined slaves to work on coal mines. Climate Change laws will vanish like mist in the sun.

  5. What you see on this video, it has been happening for over two years and it goes on for more than ten kilometers the whole day every day of the week…

  6. Is Richards Bay not still out of commission after the fire?
    That used to be the harbour for exporting coal, if I am not mistaken.
    Nat, why not a story on how the harbour looks now?

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