1. This is all about destroying Christian morals. Klaus and his band of merry queers. Let’s hope they all succumb to monkey pox.

  2. I agree. Sick. And l have to live under there evil ways. But don’t look like much longer.

  3. What would the children need puberty blockers for if the vax has already killed their ability to reproduce? That means hormones that stimulate physical and sexual development and emotions wont be there, or wont have the ability to function and serve for procreation. Reports say that adults who received the jab are done with procreation. Youths too. Those children will only be able to see who they are and not feel what they are ie. masculinity or femininity. Those hormones play a vital role in the brain too , affecting moods and judgements and as such , if they are lacking , then what deprived character evolves from having none ?


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