1. My husband work colleague works at Sasol. The man was off sick for nearly two months no confirmation of covid. He was told he cannot return to work until he has been vaccinated.

  2. but Sasol petrol has always been dangerous for one’s car engine, causes rust inside the block,

  3. @Scott, could you provide the link to the adverse reaction data you shared?

  4. Adverse effects on MiRiC or SAVERS website
    No Scot, ivermectin 1% animal for rub on is Terry Herold protocol. It is perfect for humans. I use it. I am 68, with bronchial problem. I am 95% fit and strong

  5. Saol isnt the only companys doing this Seriti are doing exactly the same..

  6. It seems as if 50% of the people is brainwashed. They refuse to look at more information. I have shared videos from lovinglifetv.com , people will not even open the links. I must say it is the people who is pro-jab. They see me as a nut job. 🤪

  7. it is a false pandemic
    there is no proven virus
    there is no approved test
    there can be no vaccine

    they are injecting a bioweapon under the guise of it being an experimental drug

    plenty of evidence of injuries and death after ‘the jab’

    most likely agenda is population control / reduction

  8. The question is, “Who is paying these companies?” We will remember them when it is time to account for their murderous deeds!

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