1. i have given money to both whites and non-whites in SA. will never do it again. in both cases my money went heavens knows. will give to my relatives – if requested. sorry – we told people to get out in 1986 (when we left) – we were laughed at – GOOD LUCK is all i can say

  2. Sad really…hopefully he gets stabilized long enough to sell or rent his house and then gets out of there with his family immediately…

    Even if he gets a job in SA it is just a question of time for the whole circus to begin again with the next position…

    Portugal, Uruguay, maybe Poland he should start investigating emigration immediately if he manages to stabilize his situation right now and is lucky enough to not wind up in a squatters camp… 😪😪😪

  3. Please keep us posted about this family. It is really heartbreaking to hear these stories especially for the children involved…

  4. I question this particular emaii. If he did earn that type of money for so many years, where is his nest egg? Why does he have to be out in 7 days, if he owns his house and is selling it? Something is off with his request. My heart goes out to all thus that are suffering under these racist laws.

  5. i became a boilermaker apprentice in Jan 1976,, got qualified in NOV 1979 of which of those nearly 3 years i was 12 months in the army–so work it out how long i was actually only an apprentice–i was looked down by others because i became an apprentice and then worked 40 years on gold mine and am reaping the benefits of it today by receiving a very good pension
    what im actually trying to say is wite men didnt want to go do the hard work and all want to earn big high salaries, i agree with some of the comments here that to help some white people dusnt work,,if i look at his house how dirty it is and i agree with others comments,, something doesn’t make 4 to me, when i add up 2 +2…
    Robert Smith comment is true,, but i also hope thy come right,,

  6. anthonygermany wrote:if i look at his house how dirty it is and i agree with others comments,, something doesn’t make 4 to me, when i add up 2 +2…,

    That house is not worth what he says it is so it is not his house, nor him and his family.

  7. I feel sorry for you too , but not all of us own a 3 million house!!!! I know a lady also who makes platters for a living to put food on the table as she was retrenched. I sell collectables to get by and sometimes cant even afford a loaf of bread. My home costs less than a million.!!!! There are other folks that have less than YOU.!!!! Think of them too!!! Most of us are victims of BEE!!! Be blessed and stay safe.!!!

  8. @ Viv:
    I agree with Viv. The person was in the upper class income group. BEE has been around for a number of years. What people should be doing is downsizing to middle income or lower income groups. Affirmative action and BBBEE are going to last at least for another nine years when the NDP ends in 2030. But the ANC could draw up another plan or extend the existing plan. People should exercise their option now. Emigrate or adapt, develop new skills: invent, make or repair things.

  9. @ MikeB:
    What people should be doing is downsizing to middle income or lower income groups.

    I disagree. Its a commie thing to plunge people down to the lowest common denominator.

    The billionaires who make a fortune out of someone else’s misfortune, and who lie and steal and harm, they are the lowest and that is the realm they belong in!

  10. @ Viv:

    What @ MikeB: was saying is that people in those situations should be downsizing and not expecting others to cover his Viv wrote:

    He is asking for R323,033.01


    As you @ Viv: correctly said that it’s a commie thing, I have to agree with you by saying that he doesn’t care where we get the money from, just as long as he doesn’t lose his house.

  11. BS!!! A man of 47 doesn’t call a 65 year-old ‘oom’!
    In any event why did he not make provision if he was at the top of the earning tree?
    Don’t fall for the scam🤮

  12. With AUD 30 000 he could only live for a little over 2 months at his previous earning level?🤣 Ag shame😢

  13. I’m sorry, but something doesn’t make sense. The dude made over 100K pm for years (talk about irresponsible spending), has a house worth over 3 million, and is begging for cash? Wow!

  14. @ Foxy:
    Such an obvious scam. Never trust anyone who asks for cash online, kids :p


  16. Well BEE can continue for a lot longer than another 10 years. Actually in the US affirmative action hiring (which is a similar scenario) has been going on since the 70s…

    What happens is they keep coming up with more ingenious and sneaky ways to implement it…First it starts with government hiring until in government agencies most hires are minorities…then they start pressuring the big corporations, eventually they move on to private businesses which is the stage the US is in now…

    The only ones safe are sole proprietorships with no employees and they attack them thru discriminating against them in loans and other benefits…

    So it takes a while for these policies to really impact ordinary people. Right now every government job in my city except at the very highest levels, are filled by either Blacks or Hispanics.

    All postal employees, parks department, bus drivers, sanitation dept. etc., not one white person is hired. Once in a while you see one just ready to retire but that’s it. Hospital workers same thing, except for doctors. It is now beginning in the tech industry as well…

    So this man’s story could be true; but, it happened so insidiously he wasn’t able to react quickly enough…

    I, myself was forced into early retirement for similar reasons. So it can happen…

  17. BTW U-tube has started a similar pattern now giving preferences to Black content creators…They are allowed to say and do things that Whites would be banned for…

    So that is the next ‘front’ opening up in this ongoing war…

  18. @ Viv:

    Clearly the cover photo in the video is a generic photo of other poor whites in South Africa, used as a cover during the video production. Nobody said it is a picture of the author’s house or a picture of him or his family. I doubt if this channel can send out investigative journalists to take photos and to investigate every story. Investigative journalism is expensive, especially if run from Australia. Generic pictures are often used by media publications everywhere.

    You clearly don’t see the full picture here. I have been through this 13 years ago. Let me try to explain:

    1. First you try to cling on to your house, car and possessions, but the monthly premiums are still due every month, water and electricity bills must be paid, and your family must eat. You hope that you can secure a job soon and there is no reason to believe that you will be unable to find employment somewhere, because you are healthy and have applied for more than 200 jobs during the first month; you have better qualifications and experience than most other job applicants. The only thing against you is BBBEE legislation, discounting you from almost every job opportunity in South Africa. Meanwhile you exhaust your investments, and cash in your life insurance policies, hoping to secure employment soon.

    2. Then it dawns on you that you have squandered your life savings; you are not going to get employed and that you are running out of funds. Your house is in the market, but this can carry on for months when it is not a buyers’ market or when the economy is down. You reduce the selling price of your property way below the market value, and eventually you get a buyer, but it is barely enough to pay the outstanding bond on the property. You must vacate the property as the buyer wants to move in.

    3. Now you must find a place to rent, but your funds are almost depleted. You start selling your furniture and tools in an effort to pay the deposit for the rental unit, but there is also a monthly rental price to be paid (nearly the same price as your previous bond repayment), and you still have no income. Furthermore, you must pay someone to move your remaining possessions to the rental apartment. On average, you get 1/10 the value of your furniture and other possessions when you sell it in a hurry to pawnshops for next to nothing. Then you must use some of that money to pay the furniture removal company to move the remaining stuff.

    We were fortunate enough not to end-up on the streets because a family member came to our aid and rented us a bedroom, but my wife’s salary was barely enough to pay the car premiums (we sold the 2nd vehicle), monthly groceries, rental of the bedroom (which was much cheaper than renting property), and the public storage for our remaining possessions. You are lucky if you can keep 2% to 5% of your possessions during such an event. Fortunately, we were able to move to a 2-bedroom rental apartment within two months when one of our kids (not married) agreed to share it with us.

    The only way to get out of the predicament when you lose your job in South Africa, is to act fast and to assume that it is unlikely that you will be employed again. Apply for every available job, including those that are way below your normal pay grade, and in the meantime become an entrepreneur, or emigrate if you can afford it. I could not emigrate and thus offered my services as a freelance entrepreneur via the internet, yet most people still prefer to do business with corporations. If people really care about other people, rather support the entrepreneurs, the small corner shop, people working from home, etc. The problem is that it is much more convenient for people to go to the mall, big business, etc. and that they are blissfully unaware of the predicament people in South Africa face, until it comes knocking at their own door.

    Is this letter a scam? Surely there are many scams and vultures who want to profit from any disaster (just look at our government and foreign aid during the recent months), but that does not imply that there is no disaster. The worst that you can do is to turn a blind eye when other people are in dire straits. Most scams are born out of greed, but sometimes it stems from desperation to survive. Never let criminals cloud your judgement when compassion is perhaps the solution. Do your own investigation if necessary.

    There are also some people who call themselves Christians, but who clearly missed the boat; they will offer to pray for you but they won’t buy you a loaf of bread when you are hungry, and then Christians wonder why their churches are empty (remember the fig tree?). Some of your own family may even treat you like a “parasite” if they hear that other family members helped you. That is the harsh realities many people faced when the lockdowns started. not only in South Africa, but in many parts of the world. The only difference in South Africa, is that you are permanently out of business if you are not from a specific race, and neither a registered member of the ruling political party.

    Never judge someone if you have never been in their shoes. Best regards.

  19. @ Ramollo:
    I was in no way referring to the predicament that some people are in as a result of the racist policies of the ANC and again, my heart goes out to them and this HAS TO CHANGE and NOW!

    I was referring to this particular email. This emailer is a scammer. He is not asking for a loaf of bread. He is asking for over 300k.

  20. @ Viv:
    Being irresponsible has its consequences. It is not necessary for you to explain anything to me.

  21. the house in the picture is not even worth 400k, maybe 200k if it;s in a small town

  22. @ Ramollo:

    Real or not is not the question. I would never give to such an individual simply because there are thousands of people in their 20s and 30s that haven’t even received a chance to began their lives because of BEEE and this dude in his late 40s has had over a decade to put something together


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