1. Hi Scott, I don`t know what I`m doing wrong but I can`t open any of your videos.

    I log in, click on the video and nothing.

    I`ve tried to download, right click and left click.

    Hope you are doing well.


  2. There seems to be only ONE logical way to fight the monopolists… take the individuals out, kill them, rid the world of them!! Am I being reckless in saying so??

    Rather than facing a mass human culling spree ourselves, because this is what will be happening, we “The People” need to take them out of the picture… finished and klaar!! What a terrible thing I have just penned down here!!

    Let the terrible continue… I’d rather willingly see the top 1% (monopolists) cleansed from this world… yeah maybe even murdered… than see humanity being culled like cattle.

    WOW, now I have even scared myself regarding what I would be capable of to rid the world of this SCURGE of exploiters!

    I am not a violent man, far from it… but I believe I am part, a minute part, of returning sanity to this world of ours!!

    We can never just be consumer sheep in the eyes of this globalist cabal!!

    It is absolutely terrifying to come to the conclusion that the whole world is controlled by 1%… the filthy rich!!!

    It actually means I am working my butt off every day, for what…. for enriching them and working towards my own exploitation? It means my son and his family are pawns, it means YOU are a mere pawn, it means our country is a mere pawn… to be easily sacrificed, expoloited, manipulated, suppressed, indoctrinated, marginalised… mere fodder!!

    Think, take in, listen!!!

    The WORLD is insane…

    PS! I am not advocating violence, I am not inciting criminal activity, I am not a biggoted bastard… This world indeed needs a RESET, but not the RESET they are planning for us… a return to the values of good over evil and a return to the core human value of live and let live!

    Oh and another thing, if the 1% is capable of so absolutely controlling us, it leads to only 1 conclusion and that is that all the strife in the world is orchestrated by them too, all the wars controlled by them… all the suffering of humanity meticulously planned and executed by them, because we are dispensible commodities!

    This cannot be, people!!!

    My heart is heavy today, because I try my damnest to live a decent, honest, hardworking, good, fruitful and productive life, where I care about those around me…

    I have ONE consolation and that is the world runs in cycles, dynasties have come and gone, and so WILL this EVIL ONE!

  3. @Rudi Geldenhuys

    I so agree with what you have written. It is a scary scenario. So sad that this minority have so much power. As they say ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’. I really do not have time for little tin gods. Surely there must be some way of stopping them. They are trying to destroy what God has created…….us the human race, for their greed of power and riches. I just pray that our Creator will find a way of dealing with them before it is too late. So the mighty eventually falls.

  4. @ Jaguar:
    @ Mark Garnett:

    I hear what both of you are saying, but we will fail our own duties if we leave it up to the Allmighty to intercede.

    We have to stand up and be part of the TOOL God Allmighty uses to change the outcome.

  5. Jislaaikit , it seems that even the colonialists are colonised . Yip, as I said numerous times before , we are all slaves of the global corporation with SA being just one of many subsidiaries ( SA incorporated , ) Australia too and nearly every country in the world. Since the 80s our lives have become more and more prescribed . I hope in future more people will wake up to this . I have mentioned it many times on loving life channel but very few respond . They think Im crazy , a conspiracy theorist etc etc . Wake Up !

  6. Exactly @ Rudi Geldenhuys:

    And you and Scott have developed the perfect broadcasting platform.
    And God is the Word and the Word is in us and no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

    There ain’t no one coming to save us either.

  7. Wow. Great info. I’m going to watch like five times. To get it all. Wow one thing l won’t to know maybe if l watch it again. Is Russia with them. War coming people.


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