1. White south Africans that believe that Police is impartial and serve the community regardless of there race are in denial of reality. The police is racist and do in general not care for whites. I would go as far as saying that in times like now the police is more of a threat for white community’s then a help.

  2. The difference between the SAPS and the Gestapo or KGB is that the latter two had brains. Other than that, the tactics are the same.

  3. In terms of the Preamble of the SAPS Act, the police failed in their duty in protecting law-abiding citizens and their property. They also failed to respect the victims of crime. There are dedicated police officials but they are in the minority. Two constitutional functions of the police are: (1) The prevention, detection and investigation of crime; and (2) the maintenance of law and order (public order policing). They failed dismally in preventing the mass looting; They failed to detect looters through roadblocks (in this video the law-abiding citizens were performing the police function). Now the police remove roadblocks. Instead they should be taking over the roadblocks. Furthermore, there are many police officials doing administration duties. These should have been used to man the roadblocks as part of their duties. The old SAP members were hardworking and dedicated in their duties unlike the SAPS members today. But the blame lies with the police leadership. Many of the police leaders have never performed “boots on the ground” in their life.

  4. The police seem like they are angry with the community for defending themselves…The community members seem to be Indians. People who forget their past are condemned to repeat it. I see this eventually turning into Uganda 2.0 for the Indians…😪😪😪

  5. usmom750 they do not know their real history they never had books or even a alphabet or even knew of this kind of hi tech .they still have no alphabet of their own they have the one baas taught them latin alphabet from roman times .the only info the bantu have about last few hundred years is what white historians recorded in books. basic info and truth even in 1920 less than 3% could even read a comic book for children..they hate the plain truth .


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