1. Although it is legal to get ivermectin in South Africa the doctors are still not giving a person a prescription. It is because they do not get a kick back from the big pharma companies for allowing their patients to get ivermectin. Only the older doctors who are not greedy for money or kickbacks will give you ivermectin. It is all about greed and we have to die for it.

  2. Ivermectin is very cheap, safe and one hundred percent effective as per the work done by Dr Pierre Kory and Dr Paul Malik from the FLCCC. They say it works almost immediately and within 48 hours the Covid bugs that are in lung tissue trying to kill you are dead.

    There are two protocols in using Ivermectin. The treatment protocol if a person already has Covid and would consist of taking Ivermectin along with Vitamin A at 20000 units daily, Zinc, Colchicine and other drugs. Use DuckDuckGo to search for FLCCC to read the latest on this treatment. Then for the prophylactic protocol you take 2mg per 10kg of body weight in tablet form or .02 ml per 10kgs of body weight in liquid form. If in doubt go to the FLCCC for the latest information.

    To my knowledge most animal farmers have already taken the liquid form and many have also given it to their workers.

    It is my hope that any South African older than 30 take Ivermectin. You can buy Ivermectin from many co-ops now that it is legal and it costs R400 for 500ml. So why not get 5 friends and buy 100ml for R80. This will be 50 doses for someone weighing 100kgs.

    If we all took Ivermectin there would no longer being any Covid in South Africa.

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