1. I agree completely with Winston. Water+Lights and rates and taxes are killing our old people financially. And that is not even including if you must pay the rent from a Sassa grant. From a SASSA grand of R1890, just my W+L+T are some months over R1900. If you are a single person living by yourself in your paid-up house you will not make it with a SASSA pension only.
    It is ridiculous how costly electricity is.
    What about all the other things?


    It played perfectly for me. The camera could have and should have been placed half way between the interviewer and Winston for sound reasons.

  3. but in any case if you own property in South Africa or have more than I think R 450 000 in your bank account you cant get the grant, i know because i know when my father died in 2013 and my mother tried to apply for the grant she was told she can’t get it because she has more than 400 000 in the bank account,, in hindsight i don’t know why she just didn’t say she hasn’t got a bank account,, because believe me many say they don’t have a bank account but do,,

  4. I am from kwa zulu natal another great political party

    That I recommend for the people of kwa zulu natal to vote for

    Is inkatha freedom party they are also genuine

    Unlike the communist ANC and Eff and their masters

  5. If I was still residing in SA I would 100% give my vote to Winston. One thing I can do and that is pray for Winston🙏

  6. Go Winston Go. Well Done. I wish you all the best. My home town of Margate. WOW!!!!


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