1. This vid is glitching so bad it cant be watched. Must be the title? I restarted my system hoping to see whats up. No go. You need frozen water bottles and ball bats to get your point across at the meet ups. Why allow the cops to pepper spray everyone with no payback?

  2. They are the problem…correct…NWO narrative dividing and creating confrontation. We can call it a situation equal to racism where groups are victimized due to the ‘color’ of their minds, that is….color in this case seen as opinion of mind. They don’t want us to be free or free from the new order that is basically a communist system on steroids. News 24 has labeled themselves as the enemies of freedom and we must shame anybody associated with them for not giving balanced news. For them to ignore news showing the adverse affects or facts that PCR tests are useless to test for their covid as stated by the CDC, (they want new testing methods), is also seen as fake news because NO NEWS (hiding news), represents protecting their one sided news.

  3. News24 is a slowly waning Publishing House in South Africa…

    They used to have so many Newspapers and Magazines, but slowly and surely a lot of them have closed and / or are teetering to the point of closing. The Advertising revenue is waning and getting less by the day and many publications, from daily Newspapers to the remaining magazines are recording loss after loss per month and per year…

    Even MultiChoice (DSTV) has lost a lot of subscribers and we see that clearly from the terrible amounts of re-broadcasts of programs and Series which are old as the hills.

    The time for stronger and stronger Independent Media, like this Loving Life TV platform is growing by the day.

    Soon we will see more closures from Media24 and for that matter other publishing houses… just watch and grin as you see their demise!!

  4. I am just so over News 24, the popular English family magazine they publish, last week had an absolutely ridiculous article written by a so called journalist named Dennis about Iver…… What a load of hogwash, such a badly written (ambiguous) badly researched (mostly lies and inaccuracies) rubbish article. This, the latest of many such articles so inaccurate and false! I am absolutely ashamed that any South African with any integrity actually works for these communist/Fascist dictator types that own an run this criminal fake news publisher. Even their popular Afrikaans farming mag is now full of lies and inconsistencies. Just because they have the most market influential shares on the stock exchange, doesn’t mean they are an honest, ethical and non criminal enterprise, wake up people and stop reading or believing their trash! It doesn’t help ever writing letters to the editor, if you don’t go with the flow they don’t publish your letter, how is that for honest journalism! They are a disgrace, the company and all those who work for them. We can do without so called South Africans like these!


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