1. Power money and owning the world from the evil ones only Jehovah know what will be next’s ..It’s sad to think soon over half the world will be gone.

  2. I wonder how many of EU’s illegal/legal immigrants will paddle back to Africa or from whence they came. I wonder how many of the immigrants to European countries will serve in the armed services.

    Native Europeans should stand-down to protect hearth and home on home ground, let the immigrants earn their stripes abroad.

    Investors might want to skip piling in to Western Style Predatory Capitalist investments like https://nepirockcastle.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Investor-Presentation-Jun-2022.pdf


  3. I stand in agreement Scott,….Jesus Christ is the only source and remedy. He alone sustains us. Shalom

  4. It is very sad that people in the most modern times are still corrupt and violent have not learnt from the past.

    Suggestion to the main video (not the comments section): A ‘Take note’ button should be added as an alternative to the ‘Like’ button’.

  5. Not according to “Siener” van Rensburg or the book of Revelation. We are many years if not decades away from the Great Tribulation. We are however in the last Jubilee (50 years).

  6. Thats the price we have to pay at the bankers discretion. Or perhaps not , if the young men will wake up and refuse to fight defending another mans greed for power and wealth. Perhaps fight only for their own country in defense of an onslaught. Didnt enough men die in vain in all the wars of the last century ? They all died far from home, millions of them for another mans cause, not knowing truthfully what cause it was, but made to believe for country and queen.
    Today they must be made aware that its not for country and queen , but for the council of 300 , people like Klause Schwab , George Soros , Bill Gates , Rothschilds etc etc. Its also a set up by the Zionist bankers to get more Goyim ( cattle ) killed so as to claim their share of wealth left behind by those killed. With nearly all governments and politicians worldwide having been bought out by them and the justice departments captured , it has now become clear that there is NO justice. Even they are guilty for allowing things to get to where they are today. Are all the aforementioned worth dying for ? They are the followers of satan and they want to defend their genocidal causes ? By sacrificing your life as a soldier sent to kill masses of civilians in another country ? Their parents raised them as cannon fodder . No love lost ? No more young men to take over the reigns of the older generation . Listen to The Green Fields of France on YT by the Fureys. You will get an idea of the message Im trying to put across.

  7. @ JPvanderWalt:
    The devil is the liar and the fraudster and murderer and those that will harm another. Those that do not understand the principles of a successful happy good world for all, fall prey to this.

    It is not a power close, nor equal to God.


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