1. It has already started. It’s the communist way – what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is also mine.
    They are totally unproductive (except for impregnating women and producing stolen goods).
    They are wondering why they can’t get bread or meat or why shops are closed.

    They lived better under apartheid than they do now under black rule, but the countries that PRESSURED the South African government to hand over power in 1994 turned their backs when they realized their mistake.
    For 27 years we have had to bear that mistake.

  2. I wonder why we haven’t heard anything from Suidlanders and whether or not their people evacuated to safe areas yet???

    Also I wonder how Orania is doing through all this…

  3. Scott is right, you need to become part of your Community Safety Structures!!

    I have, got involved middle last year… and now during these troubling times we in our town see the wonderful fruits of our joint and well-organised activities!!

    So, you always have a choice of a number of groups…

    – Farming Communities have their local Argricultural Groups
    – People in towns and cities have groups like: AfriForum, CPF (Community Policing Forum), Radio Groups, Boerelegioen, Suidlanders, Private Security Companies

    The difficulties normally appear with those who live in the cities or city suburbs, there the structures and cohesion seems to be lacking severely.

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