1. Pastors denouncing the politicians ,media and medical industry, christians coming together in mass prayer meetings, chistians marching in the thousands against the satanic vaxx rollout and the lawless lockdowns and mask mandates. Thats what should be happening shouldn’t it ?, But no the opposite is the case, the pastors are fully on board and in agreement with all the lies spewed out by PM Ardern and most have been vaxxed as have their church folk and i have to ask this question ,these spiritial numbskulls who wouldn’t know our Father in heaven even if He kicked them up the backside , have been earning their living pastoring, because apparently they have superior spiritual knowledge and authority about the things of God, CONMEN and frauds thats all they are,

  2. Frontline workers were hailed as hero’s during the so-called Covid outbreak and Lockdowns. Now the Frontline workers who were once hero’s, and refuse the JAB, are branded as Unclean and must be punished . Unbelievable !!

  3. Luckily we can get ivomectin in South Africa in lots of places,both pills and liquid.😍😍

  4. The vaccine Nazi’s are desperately trying to turn the narrative to their side. Same thing happened in the 1900 Anglo Boer war where over 34 000 women, children and the aged were sent to their deaths in British Empire death camps. This number does not include the thousands of black Africans slaughtered by the British or the thousands of Boer Combatants that died in British captivity.

  5. @ klaaswertmann:
    You are so hateful and anti-semitic, how would that help you? However, I personally know many that are honourable. Sis on you!!!

  6. @ klaaswertmann: I have been reading your comments for awhile and have not said anything, but now is the time. What are you…. ‘the son of hitler’? You

    sound just like him…the worst form of human in this world is a religious rascist like you. Please please take the jab so that we can get rid of you and your

    kind. A Muslim, a Jew, a Christian and an Athiest all walk into a coffee shop……and they talk, laugh, drink coffee and become good friends. It’s what happens

    when you are not an asshole..Religious intolerence matters only to racists. The rest of us only care about Character. You are one very sick minded creature.

    Definitely not part of the decent human race. One bad apple in the basket does not mean that they are all bad. But soon you are going to have to answer to

    the highest power and you will be severely judged. But in the meanwhile there is a real little bitch waiting around the corner from you and her name is

    ‘Karma’. You are going to meet her very soon…..

  7. @Viv….don’t let a bigott fool like this hitlerite upset you. They are mentally sick and they cannot help it.

  8. @ Jaguar:
    I know.. I will never keep silent when he proves that he is mentally retarded.

  9. @ klaaswertmann:
    I don’t understand why you are still being tolerated here on this channel?

    You probably have a right to your opinion but I strongly disagree with you!
    If I am you, I would count my words.
    You are clearly hugely anti-semitic which is really sad, but your attitude is just one of many who uphold the argument that the Jews were the problem.
    Well, don’t think that God appreciates your ideas for even one second.

    An enemy of the Jews, is an enemy of God!

  10. The growing practice of demonizing people who have decided to exercise their legal right not to have a Covid-19 vaccination has gone too far. That the media is enabling this deplorable behaviour is reprehensible in my view.

    Notwithstanding the widening gap between the “have been vaccinated” and the “have not been vaccinated” camps, treating the unvaccinated like they are lepers who do not deserve an equal place in society is just abhorrent.

    While it may be convenient to point fingers at the unvaccinated, this behaviour is not going to persuade anyone to change their mind. If anything, it is going to entrench the decisions made not to have the vaccination.

    The range of Covid-19 vaccines currently made by various manufacturers have not been proven to be safe and reliable, or to provide protection to any trustworthy and dependable degree. In other words, this is a “learn as we go” situation, with each vaccinated person adding to the worldwide data pool. Against this backdrop, I noted that in recent days the unvaccinated are being labelled by the vaccinated as “dangerous”, “reckless”, “irresponsible”, etc. Evidently these ‘name callers’ do not realize that they are gloating from under a cloak of a false sense of security since Covid-19 will never be eliminated, and therefore the risk will be ever present that they may become infected regardless of double-vaccination and even booster vaccines.

    In conclusion, there is no Covid-19 vaccination that can or will protect against infection. Learning how to live with the virus, boosting your immune system naturally, and take all sensible steps to reduce your chances of infection is the way to go in my opinion.

  11. @ klaaswertmann:

    Klaas, one more anti-semetic Comment and I will end your ability to place Comments on this platform.

    No if’s and but’s… that’s how it is!

    Rudi Geldenhuys

  12. Thank you @Loving Life, Thank you @ Rudi Geldenhuys…..the world would be a better place without these sick creatures


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