1. Wow. So true Scott. Siener was right again. You can’t even Dream of the Technology they have. I will never get it.

  2. They are forcing us as personal carers to take the covid-19 vaccination It is compalsary if you are a aged care worker We had until mid September to get the shot All of us who is against this in this career, can loose our jobs. As a carer myself, don’t know what to do What I don’t understand is All of the aged care residents had their vaccination Why should we as carers take it, if they are already vaccinated against us? Doesn’t make sense! We as carers contacted leagle advise people to take us into the right direction for help They recommended us, we should speak to the human rights commissioners of Qld What we did Waiting for answers back If We lost this case, we will be out of work mid September No vaccination, no job!

  3. The vector based adenovirus vaccines – AstraZeneca, J & J – are also gene transfer therapies. Per Dr Robert Malone, the original inventor of mRNA and DNA vaccine technology.

  4. Hi Scott and Family. What I am about to say might shock a lot of people here. But is is the absolute truth!!. This is NOT the mark of the beast but it is a stepping stone into it. So for that reason they can kill me before I take it. The actual mark of the beast is the coming “Sunday Law” which will be implemented world wide by the Pope of the Catholic church, The mark of our maker is the Sabbath. And the beast wants Sunday as they have been trying to get this. And the Beast is non other that the Papal system and whoever sits at its head. We are all so indoctrinated by the Devils beast, that most will except this as holy when in fact you will be misled by the very preacher you listen to every week. He is most properly also deceived. Bill Gates is not the beast The Pope IS, And yes he is one of his Right hand men, But so is Elon Musk. And all these Uber rich people. I got Reborn a mere 2 years ago Just before this plandemic got released on us. I have spend every day learning the bible and searching for the truth. I have kept the Saturday as my Sabbath ever since. I have also slowly started changing my diet because I believe the Temple IS my body. I attach these links here If somebody wants to look at it and get to the truth. I first listened to the OLD king James version of the bible at least 3 times and then set out to find the right church. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiXQmeuHTOY&list=PLIxhnx0kb33ORn8RQgHH54rdJMmqaRfmd, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9MSpSO75G0, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YS6_ORt_1RA, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um4c0-ge8mE , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXkmcW2-i6c. any way mine is a long story so I can put everything down here.

  5. @ Hannelie:
    There is no choice, take the jab and you will be sick or dead, better to be alive and broke than dead or maimed.

  6. @ Johan Van Heerden:
    No thats a lie from satan what you claim, the mark of the beast is to be taken literally as something that is physically put on and in our bodies. You are deceived into believing false SDA doctrine.

  7. Wow ……..and His name is written in our DNA . Makes me feel patented to Him , made by Him , and always will be His. The only way to go.
    Though it is sad to see so many go to voluntarily get their magnificent DNA altered for the worst , both physically and spiritually.

  8. This ties in with your previous video of Alon Musk…Elon Musk unpacks Neurolink at the same time Covid vaccines secretly insert his Trojan Horse into your body
    9 Jul 2021
    And the real clincher …graphene oxide is actually a single atom layer of carbon and the number of carbon is 6 in the periodic table and has 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons that can be called 666.

  9. @ Shane Pengelly:
    I think you have not read half I said here. I were all over the place before realizing the only truth IS wit the SDA. But It is your choice believe what you want. That is what is so amazing about Jesus. You choose to follow him or Not. I will not be fooled. I learned the Bible before I choose who speaks the truth and who Not. I will keep on prying Daily that people wake up. I know all about SATAN and he surely have 99% of the people fooled. God bless.

  10. @Scott Balson:- Can you please upload this video to Bitchute and BrandNewTube? If not how can I download it and do it myself?

  11. @ Johan Van Heerden:
    Hello Johan,
    Eerstens wil ek almal hier herinner dat dit nie ‘n geloof debat platform is nie alhoewel ons sekere inligting graag met mekaar deel en wat jy ook tereg gedoen het. Dankie daarvoor.
    Laat asseblief ‘n skakel of waar mense wat met jou verskil met jou kan kontak en debat voer oor jou siening en inligting wat jy weergee as betroubaar.

    Ek merk dat jy ‘n navolger van Allen E. White is (stigter van die SDA) en verwys jou baie vriendelik na my een Faceboek blog waar u in detail meer kan uitvind wie die persoon is en haar valse leer wat miljoene navolg en mislei.
    Indien ek verkeerd is verneem ek graag van jou en sal graag met jou in gesprek wil gaan soos ordentlike mense behoort te doen as om mekaar af te kraak.

    Hier is die link en ek raai you sterk aan om na die inligting daar te kyk rakend SDA en tonne ander sektes en kultisse.


    Laastens vir jou inligting en let asseblief baie mooi op – Die merk van die dier gaan eers in die Groot Verdrukking aan mense gegee word wat die anti-chris navolg.
    Alles wat nou in die wereld gebeur is alles net ‘n voorbereiding in wat gaan kom. Ons moet ook daarvan kennis neem. Dit is ook God se manier om ons te waarsku dat ons onself moet voorberei en nie aan die slaap gevang word nie. Sorg dat u genoeg olie in u lamp het.

    Net Jesus Christus weet wie die anti-chris is en gaan slegs geopenbaar word na die wegraping van die kerk van Jesus – die gelowiges, die bloed gewaste volgeling van ons Verlosse en Saligmaker.

    Daie dankie.

    Met liefde in Jesus Christus.

  12. Than you Scott. This is a very good video and well made.
    Thank you for sharing it with your Loving Life Family.
    God bless

  13. @ Johan Van Heerden:
    Come on Johan, its totally disengenuous to somehow believe that when God tells us that the mark is a physical something placed ON US, that its really all about sunday worship, i mean come on mate, thats ridiculous. If taking the mark means worshipping on a sunday then God would have said so and He doesn’t say that anywhere in the Word, only E G White says that, and she is NOT a reliable source of truth as the SDAers claim, only Gods word is.

  14. @ VIKING BOER:
    Ek sal nie verder hier debat voor oor dit nie. Ons kan almal ons eie mind opmaak. En buitendien voor ek nie gesprek met iemand wat voel hy moet n skuilnaam gebruik nie. Glo jy maar wat hy wil en ek sal glo wat ek wil. God Bless.

  15. @ Johan Van Heerden:
    Goeie môre Johan, Ek wil graag met jou kontak maak. As jy Telegram het, stuur ‘n boodskap. My gebruiksnaam is @AnatoliRotanev. Jy kan ook ‘n boobskap na my Face Book blad stuur. Laat ‘n boodskap hier dat ek kan sien of jy my boodskap gesien het. Groete.

  16. Our DNA is what binds us to God. Break that and your fellowship with your Creator is broken forever.
    Will you be subjected to this ultimate murder weapon that has one goal…your Death! Or will you choose Life and Life abundantly?
    You are the captain of your own ship.

  17. @ Sunclief:
    Read the red instructions just underneath the video of how to download.

  18. Johan Van Heerden wrote:

    @ Shane Pengelly:
    I think you have not read half I said here. I were all over the place before realizing the only truth IS wit the SDA. But It is your choice believe what you want. That is what is so amazing about Jesus. You choose to follow him or Not. I will not be fooled. I learned the Bible before I choose who speaks the truth and who Not. I will keep on prying Daily that people wake up. I know all about SATAN and he surely have 99% of the people fooled. God bless.

  19. @ Rob Roy:
    I do believe there are some genuine believers in the SDA church and Johan might be one of them,but my problem with them is in that they follow Ellen G Whites false teachings, she was a total fraud and anyone with Christ in them would discern this.

  20. Good day Scott. Thank you for a super platform. I watched this video and it is powerful, powerful, powerful stuff. i have been fighting with the idea, as there was a huge amount of inner conflict and emotional turmoil on deciding if i will be taking the “vaccine” or not. There are 6 members in our family that tested positive, and 2 of us that tested negative. There was no way that we could isolate and be apart from each other. Immediately after getting the 1st result, we started self treatment and Ivermectin was at the top of the list. By the grace of God we are all back at work and trying to rebuild our lives.

    I did register for the vaccination a while back and received the text message last night confirming my appointment at 2 pm today. I did quite some re surge over the past month, trying to convince myself that this is the right thing to do. What an emotional steamroller ! I am using the term steamroller as there is nothing to prepare you on the road ahead.

    I was quite emotional and had mixed feelings about today, and i could sense that something is guiding me in the opposite direction. It is difficult to explain, but i know you understand what i mean. I subscribed to your Loving Live Tv Channel yesterday and spend quite some time watching your videos and live stream posting. And wow ! what a relief and i thank God for guiding me to your channel.

    Thank you so much and may God bless you,

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