1. If they can force the Israelis to take the vaccine what bloody chance do we have to fight this evil?

  2. Folks,

    This video serves directly from our BIGGGG Business Cloud Service to the website, so I kindly ask everybody to indicate whether they experienced any buffering issues in watching this video, as I am fine-tuning resources at present.

    Also indicate whether you had any trouble DOWNLOADING the video.

    I need your feedback in the comments below!

    Rudi Geldenhuys

  3. Hi, RUDI ,I check the video -I will give feed back – my browser is a bit sluggish at the moment – but there is no bufferinG – Just bear with me – I will get back to you soon – and give you good feed back Thanks

  4. Rudi. All the emoij are all down on the side all under each other – takes about one meter down wards -it is not in a little block – Can you fix that -Thanks

    SAVE VIDEO – title of video – No title -just a date
    SHARE OPTION – no template on display -just what is below the video on this page plus the title
    SHOW ON FAVEBOOK – Very poor display because of lack of video front template
    SOUND – 100%
    The send message button is two miles down the page right after the LOT OF SMILETS.
    Let me know what else I must check.
    Thanks Rudi

  6. Well I always have issues so I don’t think my comments would be valid it’s mostly due to my inexperience with technology.🤗🤗🤗

  7. Just want to remind everybody that President Trump fired Fauci just before he was leaving office. It looks like Biden brought him back; but, he was already shown to not know what he was talking about when Trump was in office.🤨🤨🤨

  8. Hi Rudi,
    I seem to not be able to play any video, in middle where the usual play button is, it now has like a zigzag icon and video dies not play. Any feedback on what it could be?

  9. @ usmom750:
    Hello. I think Biden is on his way out and you now have a bigger problem “Kamala Harris” and she is very Anti White and Anti 2nd Amendment.
    The MSM will praise her because she is a woman and she will be the first American Female President. I see this coming to the USA very soon.

  10. Yes. I think you are correct…Harris is going to be a lot worse than Biden and with all the rule changes in voting now practically impossible to remove through a vote…😕😕😕

  11. Hi Rudi
    I’m using a iPad and not able to download or open.
    I cannot right click on this device.
    Any suggestions.
    Many thanks

  12. No problems at all regarding video buffering etc.
    Doctors are now instructed not to report vaccine deaths to vaers and the uk gov website has blocked a freedom of information request on the figures and will not make them public.

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