1. We have freedom of thought and freedom of speech Scott. I have always maintained there is a hidden agenda behind all of this. Ivermectin works perfectly well and many people that I am aware of are using same. Vitamin C has always been a good intake, albeit via the sun or nutrients. I wish you all success on your new channel Scotty.

  2. During each civilization millions of years ago, earth went through the same depopulation process and in each they use the same recipes and control. That is why the muslim are still wearing masks as a memory of those days. It somehow got stuck in their cult and slipped through the rebirth filters of the controllers. In 1840 we see photographs of old cities and buildings with 99.9% of the population …GONE…probably after some long lasting vibrating earthquakes with building dropping down by 3 m into the subsoil.
    Some disease followed because just after that Europe/England was flooded with orphans that were sent all over the globe to find homes. Are these events all the history that is hidden in the Vatican underground and why the RCC seems to be in control of global events etc.?? ( just some wild thoughts on a semi serious note) Look at the Bucegi Mountain Base in Romania story for some intriguing discoveries.

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