1. ..The first move would be to announce that we all want the vaccine terrorists stopped in their tracks. Globally more and more people realize this is more than a vaccine (gene therapy) as to perform a communist nwo coup. From there we take hands and rebuild SA because the vaccine/virus perpetual lockdowns, are smothering the economy like the looting. The vaccines are causing a pandemic now…a pandemic of frantically rolling out vaccines before we can stop it. Appoint REAL RECOGNIZED MEDICAL EXPERTS, NOT POLITICAL brainwashed “experts”. This task will BIND us together fighting a common enemy…the nwo. The nwo will try to push in their ISIS troops placed next door and that will also unite us against that threat.

  2. I listened to several SABC televised land debates, and all of the blacks in the studio audience were adament that the whites should give up their land to the blacks ala Zim, these guys are just a minority even though they are spot on . The equation is the same as in Rhodesia, the blacks cannot farm as whites do and therefore cannot feed the pop ,and create wealth and jobs, but can anyone get this into their thick skulls ?

  3. @ sirme williams:
    Totally agree with your comments, never had less respect for govts,msm and the medicos, they all complicit in genocide.

  4. over breeding and no future planning do not want to work it out . free land free money and play victim for generations .oooh and farms work on automatic they just all get rich ..thats why they want farms . till they find out they have to pay wages to others and no one pays them.famine is on the cards for the imbeciles .

  5. I’m in the states where land is being bought up by the government contractors to rent so eventually only the rich will own land. That’s a work in progress and hopefully we’ll stop it.
    I hope what I just listened to was a glimmer of hope for the White people in S.A.

  6. Any negotiation with Zulu military leaders should include an independent state for whites…otherwise you assist the Zulu in getting an independent territory for themselves and in a few years time you are right back where you started negotiating with the children and grandchildren of the previous generation who will feel no obligation to honor any agreements you might make now.

    Even with your own state it will not last forever; but gives your people some breathing space to get out of there before you are all murdered. That is the end game here…

  7. Shane: it is not that Africans cannot farm, it is that they have no wish to do so…Most people wish to live in cities and work an 8 hour day, not do the hard backbreakng work required to run a farm.

    Even in the US most food is grown thru large agricultural entities like Archer Daniel Midlands and such. Very few smallholders. The few thousand smallholders left generally have jobs and work their farm part-time to grow and sell selected products like Honey or home made jams, etc.,

    We call them boutique farms…

  8. Africans probably just want whites’ farms because it is one more example of getting something for free that they have been fed by the government. Taking those farms will get them nothing…except starvation down the line…

  9. @ usmom750:
    Yes they can farm, but not like the whites, it would seem according to the white farmers themselves ,and they should know after all,they are the experts.

  10. The history of Piet Retief stick to my mind. Sorry history repeats it self.

  11. Firstly I do not appreciate the the F***** language used in his video . And don’t get too excited about White dialog with the Zulus . The whites have no leadership themselves. Look at the events of the last week : The Zulus did try an insurrection and where did they get stuck ? Getting to the suburbs and in some instances where the population put their foot down and said no-no you will not get in here . This was true for black ,Indian and white areas , granted white civilian population being the stronger opposition if it really comes to serious opposition. And they realized this . However, I fully agree with their sentiments. Also remember the presidents not-so-long term goals: No private ownership , everything will belong to the state , no guns, forced vaccinations no freedom and as a white you will be a second class citizen. At least we we have that in common , we want the ANC out, period! But remember 1838 .

  12. This world is under control of the biggest deceivers this world as We Know it has ever seen.
    The supposed leader of South Africa is in charge of all millitary departments in the Country, as well as Secutity forces and Special forces. He has also admitted that he not only belongs to the New World Order, but completely supports them. Now and 2+2 and We get 4, It is the aim of the New World Order, (The Cabal) to destroy as many people as possible, He sits in the ideal position to accomplish this. First they arrest Zuma, knowing it will cause major unrest, they pull in the Zulu nation as their pawns, to do their dirty work, knowing well that after they have done their dirty work they can then start arresting and getting rid of the same people. 1) Zuma gets arrested, major unrest starts. 2) The law abiding Citizens pull together and sticks a spoke in their plans. 3) During the heated unrest the SAPD or Army are nowhere to be seen or found, Once the unreast has cooled down due to the Citizens, the SAPD rock up only to confiscate the weapons of the lawful Citizens, and throw open their Check point road baricades. 4) Now the Citizens have been disarmed, they bring out a law forbidding the sale of fuel in Containers, knowing well the law abiding Citizens will now use that as an alternative for self defence. 5) 1.5 million rounds of assorted ammo, ordered by the Military, all of a sudden gets despatched to Durban, instead of Cape Town where it was supposed to be delivered, and falls in the hands of those causing the unrest.
    Come people, add the numbers, and you will get to the guilty parties involved.


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