1. She with a few other fat cats must be taken out first. I hope I am not the only one with a list.

  2. I want to congratulate all the white people in SA for the political tolerance they have shown during the last 27 years. If you are white and if you are for white people, if you are for the return of separate development, if you want the return of the right to govern yourself, if you are for a national white nationalised country, if you are for Afrikaans Education, if you are for a white economy, if you are for the extermination of red and black cockroaches and ants, you are definitely a friend of mine. Remember they can kill our farmers but they cannot kill their spirits. Have a sad 27th anniversary with lots of bullets and prepping for the Big Day of Liberation.

  3. Zuma ĺsupporters and EFF are a dangerous combination for all minorities in South Africa.

  4. Damn it … I spilt my coffee when she mentioned being for a black economy.

    In 1994 the world wondered how the minority could rule the majority and now it is clear for the world to KNOW, not just see, that the majority cannot even rule themselves, let alone the minority.

    The world defined apartheid as skin color segregation.
    Under white rule, South Africa defined it as being AGAINST terrorism and communism.

  5. they must be related to idi amin ..he aslo did not like hard working indians or whites and looted their shops homes bank accounts..


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