1. Section of the ANC doing their one horse pony trick ( all they know ) that they honed to perfection : Chaos and disruption of the working part of the society that ( still ) pays one way or other for these destructive scum.

  2. Like South Africa isn’t bad enough these idiots are now causing more destruction…

  3. That’s the only thing they’re good for. Distruction and murder. I won’t be surprised if this leads to civil war? 😳😦

  4. terrorists all they know is crime kill steal lie . they sold the land mines and sea ports to china . because they think they own all they see and touch. half devil half child that can not be educated born of a snake to feed their people to the fires of hell. nothing left for any future to the children of south africa its a case of congo here we come .

  5. look closely overseas liberals, does this answer your question as to why Apartheid was supported

  6. the bible says one is not allowed to compare people to animals but I wonder

  7. @ Dan Berriman:
    same @ Dan Berriman:
    same as the bible says we not allowed to compare humans with animals but I wonder, and worse is 90% of black people are condoning this action and taking part in it—that’s why I feel nothing for black people living in poverty

  8. Don’t put any hope on Cyril to stop this. These people are pressing for a revolution now, Cyril wants the same ,but wants to do it “legally” by altering the laws. If you don’t realize we, the whites, have SERIOUS problems right now and do something about it apart from braaivleis discussions , we will pay the price. I just listened to a video calling on “the people ” to rise up in Gauteng to destroy white monopoly capital. Let’s see what Cyril is going to do about that. But the more serious question is : what are you going to do to protect yourself . Maybe hand in your licensed weapons ? Rather buy all the ammo you can lay your hands on .

  9. Cele and corrupt SAPS are complicit in this anarchy and destruction. They are all criminals and part of Zuma and Ace camp. This is a coup and ppl must fkn wake up!
    Just listen to their utter delight when everything goes up in flames, they don’t give a shit!! Stop all trucks going in there. Insurance companies can no longer sustain these mammoth losses. Premiums will escalate for everyone!! (only 37% of businesses and individuals can afford to carry comprehensive insurance on vehicles and assets). SASRIA (POLITICAL RIOT COVER) in SA is already bankrupt


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