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Featured: WARNING: graphic material and cadavers - victims of the covid jab

23 November 2022: The most deadly genocidal drug in the history of mankind has been injected into over half of the earth’s population. In this video you will see the evidence of this drug being a bioweapon NOT a vaccine to combat covid19. AFTER YOU SEE THIS DOCUMENTARY YOU WILL NOT GET VACCINATED.

Live Stream (Thursday 24 November 2022, 8pm CAT)

LIVE: Joel Skousen - top US analyst reviews the year 2022 and what we have in store in 2023

Register on to be kept informed Joel Skousen is an international speaker and opinion maker on where the world is going. Tonight we discuss several topical issues as we head into 2023 including Russia, Ukraine, China, US elections and Eskom.

Live streams - (Monday 28 November to Friday 2 December 2022) - LINEUP: SA Failed state; Freedom not negotiable; Dr Hammond on ominous terrorism law changes; frontline Dr Ellapen Rapiti on the covid scam; whistleblower Patricia Morgan Mashale blows the lid on the SAPS.

Advice on prepping for the End Game

This series will be available through to the new year. Each part (there are nine) lasts about 90 minutes. The guests are experts in various fields and give advice on prepping in a world that is changing fast. The final video ELYSIUM was produced by Hollywood in 2013.

This video will give you an intro to what is the end game. Parts one to nine below will give you expert advice on prepping. The final video ELYSIUM reflects the year 2154 where the elite are ensconced on a homestead in space orbiting mother earth where they live in luxury in a disease-free environment. What is left of humanity lives in ruins and abject poverty on earth and are hunted like game by the parasites who live in their protected space station. Sounds like science fiction? That’s what they said about the book “1984” published in the 1960s

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Documentary film Elysium (2013)

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