About Scott Balson

Scott Balson (image above) is based in Australia and is the HEART and SOUL of this Community Channel. His love for Africa and specifically South Africa is fast reaching legendary status.

Scott dedicates his life and countless hours a day, to broadcasting and exposing the real truth about South Africa and about the politics, corruption, maladministration and all happenings in South Africa, something that the Main Stream Media in South Africa is simply no longer capable or willing to do.

The wide-reaching corruption in government, politics, polititians, government organisations and government entities, as well as the inability of the South African government and South African security services – to serve and protect the people of South Africa – spurs Scott on to protect the innocent and the minority groups in South Africa and to bring to the attention of the world the plight of ordinary South Africans.

Scott is a proud and passionate man and he serves as an example to all of us. He personifies dedication, comittment and someone willing to stand up for the principles he believes in, often at his own personal expense and often up against the wrath of those he exposes!

Scott is a best selling author of 8 books. His latest work, Children of the Mist, the lost tribe of South Africa, has taken 30 years of research through collecting a vast library of rare and valuable contemporary books and documents. The book follows the tragic history of the Griqua people from their forebears pre-1652 to their fractured state today.

Scott travelled to South Africa to launch this marvelous work and the launch took place at Kokstad during the Griqua celebration of Adam Kok III’s birthday at the old laager on 14 October 2007.

Scott’s interest in the Griqua stemmed from his time in the Republic of South Africa. He was schooled in South Africa and thereafter he worked for Barclays Bank in Ixopo – working at the Umzimkhulu agency near Kokstad in the late 1970’s and his groundbreaking research developed from there.

Scott’s biggest wish is for the South African landscape to return to such a state of normality, that he can move back to the country which he so adores.


About Us

This Website was established due to the constant interference and censure which Scott’s YouTube channels, Loving Life, Loving Life 2020 and Loving Life LIVE, endured!

This is the NEW, IMPROVED and LIBERATED platform, where all Scott’s EXPLOITS and NEWS as well as LIVE STREAMS will be enjoyed and cherished, for years to come.

Welcome to the huge and fast growing Loving Life Family!

When you search the archive of well over 6 400 videos on this Website of this platform you will see that this mission to alert the world about what is going on in South Africa has been a relentless daily task by Scott Balson for years.

Scott’s YouTube videos have been viewed over 25 million times on Youtube and it is, with great regret, as a result of the YouTube platform’s invasive censorship policies that Scott, our host, decided to transition from Google / Youtube to his own NEW platform – which you are now on. The transition will happen slowly and gradually over time so, for the time being, the Loving Life channels on YouTube will operate as before.

For over a year Marlena de Villiers has been Scott’s effective right hand and Personal Assistant – even though Scott is based in Brisbane, Australia and Marlena in Gauteng, South Africa. Marlena has been instrumental in driving the almost nightly Live Streams on the Loving Life YouTube channels. Marlena will continue to work in this key role on this new platform.

Yes, we have an amazing team here at Loving Life!

When Scott expressed frustration with YouTube in the 4th quarter of 2020, Rudi Geldenhuys stepped up to the plate and said “I will happily develop your new platform”. This new Loving Life platform was first published with an “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” notice in November 2020 and STAGE 1 of development launched in the 1st week of December 2020. Webmaster supreme, Rudi, administers and continually develops our NEW PLATFORM, with the aim to provide more functionalities and provide an “EASY TO NAVIGATE” experience, for you the reader.

The objectives of this new platform – outside the censorship of YouTube / Google – remain the same as Scott’s vision when he took this project on as his life mission all those years back. With Rudi’s web development skills we will include, as selected by Scott, Contributing Authors and Creators, Citizen News Reporters and others on the events unfolding. The focus will be on South Africa as we provide our team of voluntary reporters with this back-up channel, free of the autocratic hand of the big Internet platforms.

We aim to have sections dedicated to projects like the independence of the Western Cape, the Real History of South Africa and a section on Christian values.

Scott’s vision was always to build a great community platform and now that vision is being realised thanks to the wider Loving Life community and the channel’s recognised heroes (in order of being recognised):

  • Patrick Fischer
  • Dawie Oosthuizen
  • Philippe van Welbergen
  • Dwayne Krummeck
  • Nicoleen from Mother’s Mission
  • Marlena de Villiers
  • Shawn Pate
  • Fiona Timms
  • Dan Berriman
  • Winston Coetzee
  • Geben Jonker
  • Shane Vickerman aka Jan van Riebeeck
  • Marius Terblanche aka VIKING_BOER
  • Natalie Quinn
  • Michelle Mullard aka SHORTY
  • Colé van dais
  • Dr. Peter Munns
  • Dr Peter Hammond
  • Clay Wilson

Here are our current Loving Life community members representing different areas:

  • Winston Coetzee – our resident musician
  • Dan Berriman – our resident Priest
  • Fiona Timms – our resident author
  • Lyn Ward – our resident artist
  • Michelle Mullard aka SHORTY – our resident citizen reporter based in Cape Town who covers live events, protests and other news in the Cape Town area and who also looks after our Instagram Platform
  • Natalie Quinn – our Forums guru

In the next few months we will be adding new features and functionalities to this platform and we encourage you to contact us regarding any news tips, suggestions for live streams as well as suggested new platform features.

Our Contact details are contained on the Contact Us Page of this Website and should be directed as follows:

  • Host: Scott Balson – (News, coverage of Live Events, Videos, Images, Stories, Compatible YouTube channels or Reporters for publication as well as to become Volunteer Contributors)

E-Mail: host@lovinglifetv.com

  • Web Admin & Technical Matters: – Registration enquiries, Alerts about errors, Development and Improvement, Suggestions to add features to the platform

E-Mail: technical@lovinglifetv.com

  • Live Streams: Marlena de Villiers – Looks after setting up of Live Streams and General Administration (if you have a story, she is the person to contact)

E-Mail: livestreams@lovinglifetv.com

  • Our Citizen Reporter: Michelle Mullard – Our Reporter based in Cape Town who covers live events, protests and other news in the Cape Town area and who also looks after our Instagram Platform

E-Mail: instagram@lovinglifetv.com

  • Forums: Natalie Quinn – Our Forum Guru based in Canada

E-Mail: forums@lovinglifetv.com