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LIVE: Melissa Möller, Quentin Horn and Dr Rapiti discuss latest CCMA decision on workplace jab mandates in South Africa

8 PM (Central Africa Time) Thursday 11 August 2022

Carla X, a long term employee of a company in South Africa, faced dismissal because of the employers dictatorial decision to mandate the Covid vaccine for all its workers. Carla refused to be intimidated and turned to her Trade Union, Solidarity, for help. Their response shocked her!

What is quite extraordinary is that a Trade Union movement who are supposed to be on the side of workers, turned their back on Carla while NEASA, an organisation that represents employers, has strongly recommended to businesses that NO vaccine mandates be imposed on staff.

Carla was forced to go to the CCMA and sought the assistance of Dr. Rapiti, a frontline doctor, who is well known to the Loving Life Community. Dr. Rapiti produced a lengthy affidavit, supporting informed consent and laying out the case why the experimental jab was not safe. Prof. Salim Abdool Karim, in response to Dr. Rapiti’s affidavit, and in the pocket of Big Pharma, tried to use his long list of Big Pharma associated appointments and positions to justify his derogatory response to Dr. Rapiti’s evidence.

The CCMA saw right through Prof. Abdool Karim and supported Dr. Rapiti’s evidence and concurred that vaccine mandates in the workplace are irregular and cannot be enforced.

Tonight we hear, first hand, the evidence of Dr. Rapiti, Melissa Möller (for Carla*) and Quentin Horn from the legal practitioners which represented Carla in her case before the CCMA.

*Carla cannot speak publicly about the case.

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