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Nat Fleas jumpy?
Richard Anderson nope.....nike's
Nat Yeah better than Jordans
Richard Anderson puppy is fat 9 kilos
Richard Anderson 9 weeks old now
Nat She is adorable
Richard Anderson I will invite you to my page
Richard Anderson I have 2
Nat Oohh how cute
Richard Anderson male and female....breeding purposes
Nat Lots of work
Richard Anderson I have puppy porn
Nat That funny.. Not a bit young
Richard Anderson packed away
Richard Anderson and knob martins
Nat Good come back.. Lol
Richard Anderson put hairs on her upper lip
Nat That's how you do it
Richard Anderson Convertong our work van for the road, we live away 10 days at a time, solar and battery powered
Nat That must be awesome, what an adventure
Richard Anderson fridge/freezer, microwave, gas stove etc
Nat I thought I lived the exciting hillbilly woods life? Yours sounds way better
Richard Anderson Me and my working K9's
Richard Anderson Check my reg plate out
Richard Anderson I have my moments
Nat I will do that
Richard Anderson cool bananas....uncooked
Nat Moments we all have those
Richard Anderson I got fed up working with humans lol
Nat I got fed up living with them
Richard Anderson and they.....your cooking....even the Moose are staying away
Nat But the deer don't. Lol
Nat Lol
Nat My son watched Grudge with me now he won't even go to bathroom alone.. Lol
Richard Anderson lots of folk in the uk are elling house and living life on the road
Richard Anderson poor kid
Nat Having internet issues @Richard sorry
Nat Yes kid insisted
Richard Anderson it's cool.....you have all night
Nat True
Richard Anderson I will be chucking in a bit
Richard Anderson that invite is for my new business I am setting up K9DDR
Richard Anderson Deutsche Demokratische Republik, these dogs were used to patrol the Berlin Wall, mine are 5th generation, so the real thing
Nat That is amazing
Nat Not everyone can say that
Richard Anderson Sad think is I only goy to own my first dog at about 23 lol
Nat No way I had the best German Shepherd at 10years old
Richard Anderson from the Uk papers lol.....this fellas dog was copying him......Injured dog owner spends £300 on X-Rays and vets for Bill the limping lurcher - only to learn he was only copying him out of sympathy
Nat That's not cool at all, wow
Richard Anderson dogs hey
Richard Anderson you can choose them and you dont want to divorce them
Nat Yes they truly are awesome
Richard Anderson ja, life's a bitch
Nat Mine was sulking today, cause I flea sprayed her
Richard Anderson well they have being mates for a long time
Richard Anderson blood brothers and all
Richard Anderson same bloodline....fmily
Richard Anderson how cruel.....RACIST
Nat Yes I am so cruel.. Lol
Richard Anderson Like the movie and cooking.....Gruelella
Nat And I like white snow too
Richard Anderson yea, hides you from the eff
Nat Yes for sure.. Lol
Richard Anderson rooikakkie
Nat Be right back
Richard Anderson I got to make like donald duck and ways
Nat Ok
Richard Anderson stay awake
Nat I am here
Richard Anderson if there are any trolls or disruptive elements, please get them to like, subscribe your cooking live streams
Richard Anderson we would appreciate this
Nat I sure will do that, will drop ya one
Richard Anderson please.....a 6 ft troll, and if her dad owns a brewery....bakgat
Richard Anderson bye for now
Nat Net so ek sal ly... It's usually under a bridge maybe II know riddle
Nat Cheers
Richard Anderson NORM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nat Night
Nat Morning @ everyone
Loving Life hi Nat smile
Nat Hi Scott
Nat @Loving Life how have you been?
Nat Morning Folks
VIKING BOER Good morning
Nat Morning @Viking Boer
Nat @ Viking Boer are you well my friend?
VIKING BOER Hi, Natalie, how are you - thanks for popping in.
Nat @ Viking Boer it is my Pleasure
Nat @ Viking Boer I am doing well thank you very much for asking
VIKING BOER @NAT > I post some banned videos on KOOKPOT - check it out - It is done by Jan Lamprecht - who dislikes anything that is not white
VIKING BOER @NAT> He spill the beans on the suidlanders
Nat @ Viking Boer I will most definitely go look at that, whilst you are here. Yes I love my BOERELEGION
VIKING BOER @NAT > Have you sign on yet - You can become a member even if you are in can'
Nat I posted video today of lady that lost her husband, love of her life in a Farm attack-so sad makes you mad
VIKING BOER @NAT> I have a meeting with them later this afternoon
Nat Awesome Viking Boer
VIKING BOER @NAT> What I like about the guys videos is that he speaks very clearly - also an ex-Rhodesian and he also went to Canada to talk there
Nat I am a member of BOERELEGION yes Viking Boer
VIKING BOER @NAT I notice that I was the 4th person here to sign on at LLTV
Nat Nice went to Canada to speak, wow I will like him I think Viking Boer
Nat @ Viking Boer I noticed numbers up and down, Richard, myself, Rudi, Scott was on before and now You
VIKING BOER @nat> As time goes , I will make it a point to share things also with you. But you can also watch it on my FB if you don't want it on your page.
Nat I would love it on my page
VIKING BOER @NAT > You can go and watch over 400 videos on his website - he lost all his Youtube channels - was banned all over europe
Nat @ VIKING BOER then he was doing something right
Nat @ Viking Boer I will right now.
VIKING BOER @nat> He speaks highly also of DR Pieter Hammond for who I have great respect. I would love to have him on LLTV sometime. After you have watch a few of his videos you must team up with me so we can ask Marlena to arrange a show with him. Tell me what you think about it later
VIKING BOER @NAT> don't miss out on the Live stream tomorrow with DR pieter hammond and MUZI NKOSI. i AM in contact with Muzi - I like him also a lot. He is a real Christian.
VIKING BOER @nat> Dr PIETER HAMMOND got a website with AMZING stuff on - called FRONTLINE. He is such a knowledgeable guy, it is scarry what he knows. I have many e-mails ffrom hm
VIKING BOER @LOVING LIFE> Dear Scott, I would love it if you could add Dr Hammond to the contriduting channel list.
2021terribletwin LOving Life. Its going around on facebook pages that when people are admitted in hospital, who is fine and healthy, or on their way to leave the hosptal, or havent yet been tested for covid. Suddenly die after they were given an injection. Without the family member knowing what injection. Theres a law firm that is going to take legal action against the Department of Health. If you need more info..
2021terribletwin Let me know
Nat Viking Boer I won't miss it no worries, missed yesterday's had to bring wood in
Nat @ Viking Boer I second your idea a very knowledgeable man indeed
Nat 2021terribletwin I saw that too, how bizarre
VIKING BOER 19 Jan.2021 love LOVING LIFE DAILY BREAD love > Titus3:5 He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit. > Romans 12:2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.good SHALOM,MAY YOU HAVE A BLESSED DAY good
VIKING BOER @Richard Anderson> Hi, good morning Richard
Nat @ VIKING BOER amen
Nat Morning all
VIKING BOER HERE ARE THE INFORMATION TO DR PIETER HAMMONDS WEBSITE < Frontline Fellowship> http://frontline.org.za > FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/frontfel > PLEASE SHARE
Nat Does anyone know how to remove a screen lock off phone?
VIKING BOER @NAT> Your best bet is go to youtube - there are videos showning you how to do that.Just search your question.
Nat @ VIKING BOER thanks will try that.
VIKING BOER NAT> take the battery out - maybe that will work also - I am more into computers than cell-stupid-handheld devices
Nat Yes they are very annoying VIKING BOER. I do have both.
Nat VIKING BOER I find I can move around and get my stuff done on phone and my chores at same time
VIKING BOER @nat> Funny - people can't go without it - sometimes very handy in an emergincy on the road
Nat @ VIKING BOER yes some are addicted to it
VIKING BOER @NAT> I take my keyboad to bed and type out all my dreams during the night when I dream
Nat VIKING BOER.... Lol no way
Nat Morning
VIKING BOER PART1 > Introducing Peter Hammond > Peter Hammond was converted to Christ in 1977, worked in Scripture Union and Hospital Christian Fellowship, served in the South African Defence Force and studied at Baptist Theological College, Cape Town. He also earned a Doctorate in Missiology.
VIKING BOER PART2 > Introducing Peter Hammond > Peter is married to Lenora, whose missionary parents Rev. Bill and Harriett Bathman pioneered missionary work, mostly into Eastern Europe, for over 60 years. Peter and Lenora have been blessed with 4 children: Andrea, Daniela, Christopher and Calvin whom they home schooled for ten years.
VIKING BOER PART3 > Introducing Peter Hammond > For 35 years, Dr. Peter Hammond has pioneered missionary outreaches, including into the war zones of Mozambique, Angola and Sudan. In the course of his missionary activities, Peter has been ambushed, come under aerial and artillery bombardments, been stabbed, shot at, beaten by mobs, arrested and imprisoned.
VIKING BOER PART4 > Introducing Peter Hammond > Dr. Peter Hammond is the Founder and Director of Frontline Fellowship, the Founder and Chairman of Africa Christian Action and of The Reformation Society. He is the author of many books. See list on website. He is the Editor of both Frontline Fellowship News and the Christian Action magazine.
VIKING BOER PART5 > Introducing Peter Hammond > http://www.frontline.org.za/
VIKING BOER @Loving Life>Dear Scott, I hereby put a friendly request to you to please consider to add Dr Peter Hammond to the Loving Life TV Contributing List also based on the grounds that he was many times a quest speaker on LLLive stream.A BIG LOVING LIFE THANK YOU.
Nat Time for me to say good night, goodbye and you guys have a beautiful, blessed day. Alles wat mooi is mense en geniet die daggie, mag die Here julle seun.
VIKING BOER @NAT> Mooi bly tot volgende keer.
Richard Anderson G'day mates
Richard Anderson I wonder if |sis sex dolls blow themselves up.......?
VIKING BOER @Richard > Hi, hulle moet die f ANC kom opblaas. Ek kom nou net terug van die UIF kantoor af - hulle het my aansoek afgekeur. Ek het 48 flippen jare gewerk en nooit UIF geclaim nie. Ek is hoogs die moer in soos ek hier sit en tik. Hulle sê ek het te lank gewag om te claim -- OK, Ek het - twee jaar gewag want ek het van die kontant bedrag gelewe wat my pensioen uitbetaal het. Alles is nou moer to
Richard Anderson Jammer om dit te hoor Viking....slegter en slegter. Het jy na fb marketplace gekyk
VIKING BOER @Richard> Nee, Wat doen hulle as ek mag vra?
Richard Anderson Jy het gepraat om you records en collectibles to verkoop
VIKING BOER @Richard> Sorry man, Ja ek onthou - ek sal bietjie daar loer. Ek is nou diep in die sop. Ek het gebagain op daardie geld vanaf October al af toe ek aansoek gedoen het. Hierdie maand sny hulle my f water en lighte af en dagvaar my vir die rates en tax op my huis. Ek het 5 ure vandag in die bloedige son gestaan - ek is gedaan.
Richard Anderson or maybe, a live stream auction for your records
VIKING BOER @Richard > Weet jy van waar daardie eienaars van die FB is - Is hulle in Suid Africa?Ek het nognie gekyk nie.
Richard Anderson in your SA FB search box, gooi SA markeplace in the box, then decide on region and radius
Richard Anderson on your FB page
VIKING BOER @Richard > Net my records is gewaardeer op oor die R1 - MILJOEN .
VIKING BOER @Richard> Thanks -ek gaan dadelik kyk. Daar was eenkeer iemand op LL wat mense help met UIF . Ek gaan vir Marlena vra of sy nog die kontak details het. Hulle gatte - hulle moet my betaal. Die f hoop wolwe
Richard Anderson Stay Strong Viking broer
Richard Anderson people will pay good money for collectibles
klaaswertmann White South Africans. New way for immigration to the US: Join the Honduran refugee caravan in Mexico and get hauled into the promised land(Face tattoo and a tan help to blend in)
Mark Garnett @klaaswertmann: laugh
Rudi Geldenhuys Helllloooooooooo out there... I'm here but just been lurking in the background a bit, busy with some other stuff.
JohannSm Rudi - I sent an email to Marelen regarding Portugal. I haven't had a response as yet. Is it possible for you to check with her?
Rudi Geldenhuys @JohannSm: Please send the E-Mail to me, I'll forward it to HER and Scott... and follow up!! admin@lovinglifetv.com
JohannSm Done
Rudi Geldenhuys @JohannSm: I just sent you an E-Mail too... because I saw your Registration also came through... I CC'd Scott into that E-Mail too. Will have a look at your E-Mail quickly!!
Rudi Geldenhuys @JohannSm: I responded to your E-Mail and once again CC'd Scott in...
VIKING BOER Hi, Guys, Don't miss tonights live stream. Three of our top regulars will be on tonight. Another thing, Please don't underestimate Muzi Kosi - He is also a good speaker and well aware about the prophecies in the Bible which I also studied for over 30 years. Dr Peter Hammand is still my main man and have the highest respect for him. I wish Scott all the best who will put questions to our quests.
Rudi Geldenhuys @VIKING BOER: I must say, I specifically enjoy both Dr Peter Munns and Peter Hammond. Sharp, sharp, sharp!!
Rudi Geldenhuys And Muzi Nkosi is a young man with EXACTLY the right mindset and an example to the youth in SA and specifically the black youth!! Wide-awake, clear thinker!
john jefferson USA needs to go through this pain as they were war mongers throughout the world Our Lord saw this..I SA we saw how corrupt and greedy our government was in the 1980's with De Klerk ousting P W Botha and selling us out to the globalists Soros the main man that deceived the greed in De klerk..But I say lets look at ourselves as what road were we on that we could be deceived in 1992. think about it
Michelle Mullard Hi. See you on the livestream. So glad there is no rolling blackout tonight. Just propped in to take a screenshot of tonight's stream for Instagram
Loving Life hi Michelle smile
john jefferson Hi LL I was building a pirate station in Ixopo in 1980 I wonder if Scott remembers this?Capital radio.
Mark Garnett Hi Scott
Loving Life Hi John ... I left Ixopo in 1979 - to work in Estcourt
Loving Life hi Mark smile
Loving Life hope you are joining us on the live stream tonight smile
Mark Garnett I remember Capital Radio in Durban
john jefferson Hi Scott that was when we started this station.
Loving Life I seem to recall talk of a radio station
Loving Life I stayed at the Ixopo Hotel - it had the bar and lounge down below - it was close to Barclays where I worked. I used to manage the Umzimkhulu agency.
john jefferson Had a great time there as it was really a pirate station that was allowed by the SA government at the time ..A 50 Kw medium wave station.
john jefferson Scott I stayed at the same hotel.
john jefferson The station was at Umzimkhulu
Mark Garnett Every night I watch your livestreams (or during the day if there was loadshedding)
john jefferson The writer Alan Patent Cry my beloved country was also from Ixopo.Spelling of his name?
Loving Life Alan Paton
john jefferson Thanks.
Mark Garnett I don't talk much, but I want to know if secession is going ahead or if what that guy said last night is true - that he doesn't see it happening?
john jefferson Great stories of getting Capital radio off the ground.
usmom750 Too bad you couldn't get a live stream on the channel for the US inauguration. I am boycotting US media but I would watch it on your channel if you had it...
john jefferson usmom 750 coming from a very political family I watch the news from the left and right.
john jefferson Scott thank you for the great work you do for SA
Nettie Cthanks scott for real news and not fake rubbish
john jefferson We live in a world where a freedoms are taken away love to give Knowledge of how to survive.
klaaswertmann 23 vaccine related deaths in Norway,29 in Denmark. Pfizer stopped production of the vaccine in Belgium.Moderna(Gates)ordered to stop production of the vaccine in the US.
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LIVE: Three wise men discuss Biblical Democracy and the Rainbow Nation

8 PM (CAT) on Tuesday 19 January 2021

Our guests tonight: Dr Peter Hammond, Muzi Nkosi and Dr Peter Munns discuss where did South Africa go wrong? We look back into history and discuss the subject with a Christian theme.

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UK doctors rebel against a vaccine that is not a vaccine – it is a scam

The covers have been drawn as more and more evidence comes out about the lie being sold to the world by BIG Pharma companies like Bill Gates’ Moderna and Pfizer.

See the following Document: http://griquas.com/Ivermectin.pdf

JD Faraq - Prophecy Update – Decision Time

Prophecy Update by JD Faraq. This video was taken down from his YouTube channel due to infringement of community standards.


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