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TLU SA and Saai sign cooperation agreement – Now the largest voice of farmers on one platform

TLU SA and Saai signed an agreement on 8 December 2022 to broaden, deepen and strengthen cooperation between these two organisations.

TLU SA is the oldest agricultural union in Africa and has been organising farmers since 1897. Saai was started in 2019 as a network for family farmers in the framework of the United Nations decade for family farmers.

Before the start of Saai, it was ensured through a series of work group sessions that the values and policy starting points of TLU SA and Saai were aligned to encourage collaboration.

The cooperation agreement was signed as an outcome of the shared focus and value system from which several policy positions, projects and positions have already arisen.

TLU SA and Saai have joined hands or joined forces to protect, promote or expand farmers’ interests. Some of these include pressure on the State and the signatories to define the agricultural master plan more inclusively and realistically, on Land Bank to stop aggressive extractions against farmers, and the roll-out of solar power to limit farmers’ vulnerability to load shedding.

Joint position taking and projects between the two organisations bring together in numbers the largest voice of farmers on one platform.

The power of representative numbers is important in policy influencing and the establishment of civic alternatives where the state fails the agricultural sector both in the policy environment and service delivery.

For both TLU SA and Saai, the development of young farmers is a priority.

The two organisations envisage supporting each other’s initiatives to empower farmers and aspiring farmers.

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