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Queensland senator Rennick has a rant about the conflicted health authorities in Australia – Queensland Police investigate his and my allegations!

On 30 November 2022 in a Parliamentary speech, Gerard Rennick, Senator for Queensland, Australia, reviewed some of the lies told by members of Parliament and the Department of Health about the Covid injections.

By September 2022 Australia had logged more than 10 million Covid-19 cases, even though 20 million of Australia’s total population of 26 million had received their Covid injections.

In 2021, Australia had 8,706 extra deaths above norm, even though New South Wales remained in lockdown for three months, so, in theory, the death toll should have been lower, not higher.

Australia has logged 140,000 Covid “vaccine” injuries — more than all the injuries reported from vaccines since 1971 — yet the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (“TGA”) refuses to look at or acknowledge the safety signal. Chief health officers also admit not reading key science documents that detail Covid injection hazards.