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Farm attack: ‘Good Samaritan’ farmer assaulted, tied up, robbed, Steytlerville

On 22 January 2023, at about 20:30, a farmer (65) who is staying alone on a farm in Steytlerville heard his heard his dogs barking and did not go outside.

While he was still sitting in his living room, an unknown a male entered his house through the open back door.

The suspect asked the complainant for assistance with diesel as he alleged that his vehicle was stranded about 5km from the farm.

The complainant helped the suspect by collecting 2 litres of diesel from his garage and they drove to the place where the suspect’s was allegedly stranded.

When they arrived at the place there was no vehicle.

The complainant and the suspect then drove back to the farm house when the suspect asked the complainant to take him into town. The complainant agreed to help him and the suspect then asked complainant for a firearm as he was scared of being attacked in the location.

When the complainant refused, the suspect became angry and started to assault the complainant by hitting him with an ashtray and biltong slicer.

The complainant eventually succumbed to his request and handed the suspect a 9mm short pistol.

The complainant’s hands and feet were tied and his mouth gagged with his shirt. He was dragged into a room.

The suspect then fled with the complainant’s vehicle which was later found by police at the entrance to the farm.

The complainant managed to alert police and a relative who came to his assistance. He sustained numerous cuts and bruises and was treated at the scene.

His firearm and some cash (change) were taken.

A 50-year-old suspect was apprehended on 25 January 2023, by alert community members who spotted him walking on the R329 between Wolwefontein and Steytlerville.

Residents in Steyterville spotted a man walking shirtless on the main road and stopped him. He had blood on his jeans.

A photo was sent to the complainant and he recognised the man as well as the belt he was wearing which belonged to him. Police were informed and the man was arrested.

He is expected to appear in the Steyterville magistrate court on 26 January 2023 on charges of house robbery and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

The suspect was sought for the robbery and assault of the 65-year-old farmer on 22 January 2023.

Police are still searching for the firearm.

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