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Eskom plans dismissal of, among others, 500 white tradesmen by 2025

While the country is gripped by an unprecedented energy crisis, Eskom is planning to, according to its latest employment plan, lay off 500 white tradesmen by 2025.

It is absurd given the already existing lack of expertise at the power utility.

The FF Plus issued an ultimatum to Eskom to, given the current energy crisis, amend its employment plan.

The Employment Equity Act determines that employers must take reasonable steps to comply with it. It is, however, not at all reasonable to bring about a further loss of skills and institutional knowledge amid this disaster.

If Eskom does not comply with this ultimatum within seven days, the FF Plus will take legal steps to enforce it.

The Minister of Public Enterprises, Pravin Gordhan, confirmed in his budget speech in May last year that expert white engineers who had previously worked for Eskom were being recruited back to Eskom to help resolve the energy crisis.

This is happening while Eskom has spent approximately R1,8 billion since 2 000 to get rid of white experts.

The vicious cycle is now repeating itself.

Therefore, the FF Plus also sent an official letter to Gordhan requesting urgent intervention by his Department in Eskom’s senseless and thoughtless plan.

It is possible that Eskom is, in response to the Minister’s announcement, trying to adjust its racial balance by getting rid of technical staff on lower post levels.

But these are the very same tradesmen who struggle every day to maintain the crumbling electricity infrastructure.

Various areas are not only affected by load shedding, but the poor condition of electricity infrastructure also means that power outages often last up to 48 hours due to serious problems.

Now is not the time to be focussing on racial targets as unemployment is skyrocketing and there is a looming food crisis brought on by Eskom’s load shedding tragedy.

In the 2021 financial year, 76% of Eskom’s procurement amounting to approximately R134 billion came from BEE firms and businesses.

It is already adequate compliance with the draconian and outdated BEE legislation to justify an exception to the employment quota considering the current power crisis.

South Africans are paying the price for Eskom’s misdirected priorities, just like with the ruling ANC party. It must be ended at once.

As part of the FF Plus’s Ten-point Plan to solve the energy crisis: Repair and Build, there is a demand to place a moratorium on race-based appointments, to rather make appointments based on expertise and skills, and that the same must apply to Eskom’s procurement and service providers.

Read the original article in Afrikaans by Heloïse Denner on FF Plus

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